The Angry Rabbit is the main antagonist of the flash game Fancy Pants 2. He is a petty thief who steals Fancy Pants Man's ice cream and attempts to escape Fancy Pants' wrath, but is confronted, defeated, and presumably killed in the end.


The Angry Rabbit first appears at the beginning of the game, where upon seeing Fancy Pants Man being awarded an ice cream cone by the mayor, jumps up, steals it, and retreats into his hole. Fancy pants man endures six different levels, each with a different terrain, before finally confronting the petty thief in his lair.

Upon entering, the Angry Rabbit will jump down and attempt to jump on Fancy Pants. After several failed attempts, he jumps extremely high in the air and drops spiders and snails. Once he jumps down, Fancy Pants kills the snail and kicks it in the Angry Rabbit's face, briefly stunning him. He then kicks the rabbit across the room, and after doing this two more times, the Angry Rabbit will collapse, defeated.

It is unknown if the rabbit died from the encounter, since he does not fall off the screen like most defeated enemies. However, x's can be seen in his eyes, seemingly confirming his death.


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