Angus Borden was a villain in the Bonanza episode Alias Joe Cartwright.

Borden was portrayed by the late Michael Landon, who played series regular Joseph "Joe" Cartwright.

A member of the United States Army, Borden worked with the corrupt Captain Merced at Fort Craig to steal government property and sell them to Native Americans. Another officer at Craig uncovered the scheme and confronted the pair. Borden killed the other officer. Quickly arrested, Borden was tried and convicted and was set to be executed. Merced helped him escape and later had himself transferred to Nevada to evade suspicion into his own activities.

When Borden came upon Joe Cartwright, he knocked the other man out and switched his clothes with that of Cartwright's. He and Merced decided to claim that Cartwright was actually Borden, and have him killed by an execution by firing squad.

Borden was uncovered when he returned home and attempted to cash a check for $5,000. Taken back to the army post where Merced was about to have Cartwright killed by Ben Cartwright and his sons, Borden revealed the entire scheme to the entire company. He and Merced were placed under arrest by Sgt. O'Rourke, who had them marched off to the stockade.

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