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The Animal Liberation Front are the supporting protagonists of the South Park episode "Free Willzyx" (will-zee-ack), serving as minor one-shot characters of season nine overall. The ALF unknowingly helped the boys send a killer whale to the moon and fought with the police in the process, realizing the horror of what they were mislead into doing at the end. They are however, an eco-terrorism group that use violence to liberate animals from captivity, an obvious parody of the real-world eco-terrorism group of the same name.


The Animal Liberation Front on the news applauding the liberation of whales from captivity.

After the boys and their classmates steal an orca from the Denver Sea Park after the orca apparently talked to them, claiming it was very sick and that it dreamed of going to the moon, authorities were aware of the incident by early morning and criticized the incompetent security worker, while the two whale show hosts that dubbed the whale's "voice" grew paranoid. The Animal Liberation Front is seen on the news later during the day, addressing that they support "whoever did this noble deed", opining that the whales need to be set free.

The boys were finally caught red-handed by police shortly after the two sea park employees stopped them from transporting the whale in a truck on a Mexican highway. Before the police could recapture the whale, the Animal Liberation Front appeared and had a shootout with the police, killing one police officer and forcing the other to retreat. One of the two sea park employees was also killed, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and dying a bloody death.

After the ALF had disposed of their targets, the boys told the ALF leader that they were heading towards Tijuana. She applauded the decision and drove the truck for them after the previous truck driver bailed. At the Mexican border of Arizona, they were met by a sizable resistance party from the police. The ALF leader pushes the pedal of the truck and crashes through the police helicopter and clearing a path past all the police cars.

The truck pulls into the MASA (Mexican Aeronautics and Spacial Administration) site, where the boys plan to launch the whale into space. Not knowing this, the ALF leader parks on the dock, ready to help remigrate the whale to its habitat - the ocean. While the group of boys carry the whale into the water, the ALF fights the police to prevent them from stopping the whale from being set free.

The entire group of ALF members and the adults then watch in horror and disbelief as the Mexican rocket launches into space with the whale tethered to it.



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