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The Animatronics are the main antagonists of the 2021 horror thriller film Willy's Wonderland. They were once friendly animatronics and mascots at Willy's Wonderland, owned by serial killer Jerry Robert Willis, who united equally sadistic killers to assist him in murdering families within the establishment. To avoid arrest, the killers perform a satanic suicide ritual to transfer their souls into the animatronics, possessing them and actively killing and devouring everyone in their sight.



As mentioned, Willy's was once owned by Jerry Robert Willis, a deranged seriel killer, who would dress up as Willy and kill families within the Super Happy Fun Room, alongside the other seriel killers who he teamed up with. However, Jerry and his crew had performed a satanic suicide ritual and transfered their souls into the animatronics to avoid being arrested. Following this incident, Willy's Wonderland was closed down. Ten years later, Willy's was reopened with a new owner, Tex Macadoo, whom tries to keep the public unaware of the resturaunt's past. However, the killers continued to attack people as the animatronics, and even started attacking people outisde of the establishment. After several, missing person reports, Willy's was closed down once again. However, Tex did not bulldoze it since, as the teenagers put it, Willy got to him. Eventually, Tex, sheriff Eloise Lund, and Jet Love made a deal with the animatronics that they would feed them if they left the townspeople alone.



  • All of the animatronics' names are alliterative.
  • For unknown reasons, Sara is not featured in any promotional art featuring other animatronics.
  • It is said that if the film gets enough support, a sequel may be made. If a sequel does come out, it is unknown if the animatronics (or at least the souls that inhabited them) will appear, as they are all destroyed.
  • Arty is the only animatronic to not have hair.
    • He is also one of the only two animatronics to be mute, the other being Knighty.
  • Four of the eight animatronics' deaths are head-related.
    • Gus has his head stomped into a urinal.
    • Knighty is decapitated.
    • Cammy has her neck snapped.
    • Willy is also decapitated, albeit by having his head torn off.
  • Two of the eight animatronics' deaths are ironic.
    • Knighty uses his sword to kills his victims. He ends up being killed with it when the Janitor knocks him down and uses the sword to cut his head off.
    • Cammy kills her victims by snapping their necks with her tongue. The Janitor killed her in that same way.


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