It's not truth serum!
~ Anitolov to Luis

Anitolov is a supporting antagonist in the 2018 Marvel film Ant-Man and the Wasp. He is an enforcer of arms dealer Sonny Burch.

He was portrayed by Goran Kostic.


Anitolov first appeared when Hope van Dyne paid a visit to Burch in order to pay for a part that her father Hank Pym needed to create a portal to save his wife Janet. However, upon learning about Pym's technology, Burch decided to double-cross Hope by having Anitolov and several of his men to fight back against Hope. Using her Wasp suit, Hope was able to fend off the thugs before going off with the part after paying off Burch, who angrily vows to get the technology by all means.

To that end, Anitolov followed upon Burch's plot to track down Hope, Hank, and Scott Lang to get the technology, clashing themselves against Ghost, who too intends to steal the technology, but only to cure herself from a dying disease she suffered. Eventually, they caught wind of the trio's current location at the house of Bill Foster after Uzman drugs Lang's friend Luis with truth serum, despite an annoyed Uzman and Anitolov claiming that it's not truth serum. Burch then contacts the FBI (thanks to their inside man Stoltz), who then arrest Hope and Hank while Lang is forced to escape. However, this allowed Ghost to finally get her hands on Pym's lab.

Eventually, Lang managed to break Hope and Hank free from custody before initiating their plan to save Janet from the quantum realm. Anitolov then follows Burch and the others to confront the heroes, only for an arriving Luis and his associates to taser and tie them up for the arriving police. Hank then saves Janet, who then uses her quantum energy to cure Ghost, and Anitolov ends up being arrested along with Burch and his men by the police, with Luis using the same truth serum to make them confess their actions.

As such, Anitolov is currently in custody along with Burch and the rest of his men for their crimes.


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