Day 1: The lab is almost fully operational. All that remains now is to capture the most powerful Pokemon known to mankind, Mewtwo. It escaped nearly 20 years ago from the Kanto region. Fortunately, our benefactors hired a specialist to track it down. Good luck, Detective Goodman.
~ The Doctor sending Tim's father to capture Mewtwo.
No... No, no, no! We're losing power! The containment- AHG!!!
~ The Doctor's last words before Mewtwo breaks out.

Dr. Ann Laurent, or simply known as the Doctor, is a minor antagonist of the 2019 live action film Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

She was portrayed by Rita Ora.



Years ago in the film, Ann Laurent was a Pokémon researcher who conducted experiments to control the minds of Pokémon. Her goal was deemed unethical by her colleagues, and so her college grant was revoked. However, she was then hired by Howard Clifford, who wanted her help in creating his twisted utopia in where humans and Pokémon live as one (literally). Ann was granted her own lab at PCL (Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratories), where she and other scientists did various experiments on Pokémon evolution, such as discolored Greninja and oversized Torterra.

At some point, Dr. Laurent got into contact with Detective Harry Goodman, who she somehow convinced to capture Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokémon in the world, and bring him to PCL. Once she had him in a containment unit, she used his genetics to create R, a drug that would cause any Pokémon to go completely berserk. Under her alias, the "Doctor", she supplied this drug to Sebastian, who runs an illegal Battle Ring in Ryme City so that the drug can be tested. Dr. Laurent also invented a head device that'll enable her boss to implant his own mind into Mewtwo. Both the drug and Mewtwo's power will allow her boss to forcibly insert humans into the bodies of Pokémon.

However, on the night that the device would be tested, Detective Goodman, who had discovered Howard's true intentions and traced the R back to PCL, infiltrated the lab and had his partner, Pikachu sabotage the machine that kept Mewtwo prisoner. This allowed him to finally escape his confinement, but he also caused a great explosion that Dr. Laurent got caught in. It is unknown if she survived or not, though it is likely she did, as there was no obituary for her in Lucy's news clippings.


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