Ann Thorn

Ann Thorn is an antagonist in the 1978 horror sequel film Damien: Omen 2.

She was portrayed by Lee Grant.


She was the second wife to Richard Thorn, Mark's stepmom, Damien's adoptive aunt, and secretly a follower of The Devil. When she and Richard have dinner with Marion, who makes her mad by threatening to give 27% of Thorn Industries to charity unless her and Richard separate Damien and Mark. She tells Richard to tell Marion to leave and that in the morning she goes. Then Ann finds Marion dead from a heart attack, then Dr. Warren, who showed her and Richard ancient artifacts of Tel Megiddo, introduces her to Joan Hart, a reporter, who angers and confuses Dr. Warren and her saying that Damien is the son of The Devil.

Later she serves food at the ice hockey game and then after Atherton's death goes on a vacation with Richard. Ann and Richard later discover Damien wasn't affected by the toxic fume incident at all and convinces Richard that the letter from Bugenhaggen is absurd. She and Richard find Mark's dead corpse and later is reluctant to allow Richard to go to New York and yet he goes.

She attends Damien's reward of the Officer's Saber and then she meets Richard at the airport. While Richard takes her to the Thorn Museum he tells her that Damien is truly the son of The Devil etc., and plans to kill him with the daggers of Megiddo. She finds the daggers and stabs and kills Richard with them and says she's always belonged to him. Then when Damien arrives at the museum, she screams out to him as she is killed and burned to death by the museum boiler's explosion. 

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