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Anna (surname unknown) is the main antagonist of the 1971 psychological slasher Hands of the Ripper. She's the daughter of horrendous, infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. She was hunted down by psychologist Dr. John Preachard, with an obsession of understanding how she inherited murderous drives, but unable to prevent her from carrying out her own spree.


Anna watched her mother by stabbed to death by Jack the Ripper, her mother's husband and Anna's father, once the police chased him into the house, Anna still an infant lying in her cot. She was adopted by Mrs. Golding, a local medium, ordered to partake in séances while an imposter acting like her was used in "channeling". When this was found out, psychiatrist Dr. John Preachard, the latest séance guest, saw she actually did go into trances. When being hugged and kissed by Golding makes Anna flash back, she impales Golding to a door with a fire poker, causing Preachard to run in and find the grisly scene. One of the guests is a suspect, but Preachard testifies for him to exonerate him of suspicion. He has the police inspector to authorize Anna's release so he can take her home and his maid, Dolly, can take care of her, leaving her to stay his dead wife's bedroom.

Dysart, a politician and the murder suspect, saw she was "possessed", but Preachard wants to treat her for schizophrenia and has her around to study her. He blackmails Dysart into digging into Anna and her life, threatening to change his story and falsely report him. While Preachard's at a ball with his son Michael and his blind future daughter-in-law Laura, Dolly places a necklace on Anna and hugs and kisses her too. Dolly flashes back in another trance and slashes Dolly's throat with a glass shard. When Preachard comes back and finds the latest murder, he sedates Anna and leaves in a bed with straps, disposing of Dolly's remains. Dysart never found Anna's past, and while Preachard visits Queen Victoria's medium, Madame Bullard, Anna has another trace from reflections and escapes.

She later wanders in an area frequented by prostitutes. One, Long Liz, takes her home assuming she's lost or homeless. When she also kisses and hugs Anna, Anna stabs her in her eye with several hatpins. Liz stumbles out and dies in front of Preachard, and he takes Anna back to his home yet again. After briefly attending Michael's and Laura's wedding rehearsal, they see Madame Bullard, who sees visions of the murder Anna witnessed. Despite sensing the violence she carries from her trances, Bullard hugs her, only to be stabbed by Anna with her spectacles' frame. Preachard and Dysart continuously argue on whether Anna's "possessed" by her father's spirit or not. Putting her into hypnosis, he insists Dysart reflect light at her as she dissociates into safer places from that stimulus. Dysart says she should instead be hanged. Preachard apologizes to Anna and kisses her, leading to Anna being provoked to impale Preachard with a sword. He lives and pulls out the sword, chasing after her while she's with Michael and Laura. Preachard carriages over, finds Michael, and goes with to the cathedral where the wedding's planned.

While Preachard tells Michael of Anna's troubles, Anna walks with Laura through the whispering gallery. She comes to realize her crimes and begs for help, but Jack the Ripper's voice tells her she can't be helped. Michael chases after Anna, and Laura kisses Anna, leading to Anna trying to strangle her. When Preachard calls for her from below while still wounded, she comes to her senses and hears his voice. Devastated and terrified, she jumps off the balcony and plummets to her death, killing herself to the horror of everyone in the church.