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You know what happens if we don't play by the rules.
~ Anna.
It was my husband's fault. Why am I being punished for something that he did?
~ Anna lying about the loss of her child.

Anna is the secondary antagonist in the 2017 horror film Jigsaw, the eighth installment of the Saw franchise.

She and her husband Matthew were two of John Kramer's next-door neighbors before a terrible tragedy struck and killed their baby. Anna then framed Matthew for the death of their baby, causing him to be sent to a psychiatric hospital where he committed suicide. Once Kramer learned of the truth, he decided to make her one of his subjects in his first game.

She was portrayed by Laura Vandervoort, who also played Indigo in Supergirl.



Not much is known about Anna's early life, but she would go to marry a man named Matthew, and the two would have a baby together. Anna and Matthew were neighbors to John Kramer, and gave him support after he was going through chemotherapy from his cancer diagnosis. Anna's relationship with Matthew became strained, and became unable to coupe with being a a mother or any of her heated arguments with her husband. One night, Anna smothered her baby after it couldn't stop crying, and she framed Matthew by placing the corpse on their bed.

When the police arrived, Anna blamed Matthew for their baby's death, and he was arrested and later taken to a psychiatric hospital, where he committed suicide. Unbeknownst to Anna, Kramer had overheard her screaming at the baby and he correctly theorized that she had framed Matthew. John would remember Anna for her cruelty, and when he took on the identity of "Jigsaw", decided to make her one of his first subjects in his game.


In 2003, Anna is one of five test subjects being tested by Jigsaw in a barn, awakening to find themselves with buckets on their heads with chains slowly pulling them into buzzsaws; all but one of them passed their first test.

Jigsaw tells the survivors to confess their sins and it's revealed that Carly once robbed a woman's purse which included her asthma inhaler, resulting in the woman's death. The chains in the room start hoisting everyone by their necks and it turns out that Carly must be injected with one of three syringes (one of which contains acid) so they'll be set free, but Ryan injects her when she hesitates, thus killing her.

Shortly afterwards, Ryan falls into a trap while trying to escape and his leg gets wrapped in metal wire; in order to be set free, he'd have to pull a lever and cut off his own leg. Anna and Mitch are then trapped inside of a grain silo which starts to fill up with sharp metal objects; Ryan sacrifices his own leg in order to open the silo and thus save his friends.

Next, a rope hangs Mitch from the ceiling by his leg over a blender, and it turns out that he once sold a motorcycle with faulty brakes to Jigsaw's nephew, resulting in him getting run over by a garbage truck. The rope slowly lowers Mitch into the blender and Anna tries to jam the trap long enough for Mitch to pull the brake, but it's too late and Mitch dies, leaving Anna and Ryan as the only ones left.

Jigsaw abducts and knocks out Anna and Ryan, putting them on opposite sides of a different room and revealing both their crimes: Ryan's friends died in a car crash as they were too distracted by his drunken antics to focus on the road and Anna smothered her own baby to death with a pillow and framed her husband Matthew for its death, resulting in him committing suicide out of guilt. John leaves the pair in the room with a double-barreled shotgun and the key to their shackles placed inside of a shell, which Anna grabs and tries to shoot Ryan with, but she accidentally shoots herself in the face as the gun was rigged to backfire on the triggerman, killing her and dooming Ryan as it destroys his key to freedom.

Ryan eventually died either from blood loss or starvation, so John put his corpse alongside Anna's and left them at the abandoned barn. In 2017, ten years after John's death, the putrid corpses of Anna and Ryan are uncocovered by Logan Nelson, the test subject who apparently died in the Barn Game due to not waking up in time, to Detective Brad Halloran. Unlike Anna and the others, John ultimately rescued Logan and made him his apprentice, leading him to recreate the Barn Games years later to avenge his wife Christine's murder in a way that made it look that John had returned from the dead. Logan then covers Ryan's corpse but not Anna's and proceeds to execute Halloran with a Laser Collar, sealing Halloran's corpse inside the barn along with Anna's and Ryan's. It's unknown if Anna's corpse, as well as Ryan's and Halloran's, was ever found.



  • Anna has been compared to the Saw II character Xavier Chavez, who also played a game with other test subjects. Like Xavier, Anna just cared for herself, is one of Jigsaw's most unsympathetic victims and was willing to kill all the other subjects if that meant she would survive.
  • Some fans believe that Anna's attempt to murder Ryan with a shotgun instead of looking for the keys inside the bullets may have inspired John later on for the Bathroom Game between Lawrence Gordon and Adam Stanheight in the first Saw film. As the flashback sequences of Jigsaw take place prior to the first film (evidenced by the fact that the Reverse Beartrap used on Amanda Young was shown to be built shortly after the Barn Game), this may be true.
  • Logan Nelson's act of covering up Ryan's corpse but not Anna's at the end may symbolize that even if he died at the end thanks to Anna's selfishness, Ryan was ultimately rehabilitated by the game and had he lived, he may have become a better person, unlike Anna, who stayed remorseless until the end.


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