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Anna. My name is Anna.
~ Anna introducing herself.

Anna is a minor antagonist in the Silent Hill film. She is the daughter of Eleanor who is part of the same local religious cult in Silent Hill and it is implied that she may have been born in the dark alternate dimension that devoured the town. Anna appears to be slightly mentally unstable.

She was portrayed by Tanya Allen.


Anna was discovered by both Ms. Rose Da Silva and Officer Cybil Bennett at the Grand Hotel throwing rocks at Dahlia Gillespie, whom she says was "cast out", though she does not immediately elaborate on what that even means. She began to follow Rose Da Silva and Cybil Bennett through the hotel, pointing out a painting called "The First Burning". She comments that the ancestors of her ancestors kept the town pure by burning the witches. She then follows Rose and Cybil into the cult's secret sacrificial chamber, but the Darkness begins to fall again and she tells them to run to the church. The three women then run to the church to escape, but Dahlia appears on the church steps, distracting Anna.

Anna starts throwing rocks at Dahlia again, but the darkness falls and Pyramid Head appears behind her. He lifts her up, rips her dress off, and then tears the skin off of her naked body, which he throws at the church doors, splashing Rose and Cybil in blood. Christabella, the priestess of the local cult, tells Eleanor, that her down daughter decided to stay outside and her death was her punishment for "going against" her church group's laws.


  • Anna was supposed to meet Rose and Cybil outside the hotel while being attacked by an Armless Man. Due to budgeting issues, dance coordinator Roberto Campanella was told to stay home that day. Because of his absence, the crew found it impossible to film the scene, so it was scrapped in favor of Anna first appearing inside the hotel.


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