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You were too cool to even look at me then! But now you're ssssupper!
~ Anna revealing her true nature.
Noooooooo!! Turn up the heat! Cold makes my babies and me sssso....sleepy..."
~ Anna's last line before McGee sends her and her babies away.


Anna Mamba is Sawyer's former classmate and the titular main antagonist of the Camp Lakebottom episode, "There IS Something About Mamba".


When first arriving at Lakebottom, Anna didn't expect Buttsuat falling off his ATV as the welcoming committee, with Buttsquat instantly falling in love with her, much to Anna's polite rejection. Once seeing Sawyer again after so many years, she hugs him and quietly tells McGee, Gretchen and Squirt he doesn't remember her at all. Anna tells Sawyer that she doesn't remember her because she was shy and uncomfortable in her own skin, always considering him a dreamboat and having a crush. Buttsuat came back to help Anna with her bags, only for his out of control ATV to drive him away. Later Anna asks Sawyer that she wants to see his "estate", to which he agrees, still hiding the truth from her. 

At Lakebottom's bistro (cafeteria), Sawyer and Anna have their first date, where McGee, Gretchen and Squirt are the waiters while Armand plays the accordion in a French manner.  


At first glance, she appears to be a beautiful and seductive lady who loves Sawyer, but in reality, she was trying to gain his trust, so that she could turn into a giant snake and overrun Camp Lakebottom with her snake babies.


She has a slim figure, forest-green hair, light-yellow eyes and light green skin. She also wears lipstick, green flats, dark green eye shadow and a dark green dress.


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