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Come over here. Let me talk to you real close.
~ Anna Williams to her opponents.

Anna Williams is a antagonist in the Tekken fighting video game series and a supporting antagonist in Tekken 6. She is also best known as the seductive sister and archenemy of Nina Williams.

She was voiced by Tara Platt.


Tekken 1

Anna is younger sister of Nina. Mother taught her Aikido, but father neglected her. She entered to King of Iron Fist Tournament 1 to show her sister that she isn't worse then her.

Tekken 2

Anna left home, because she hated her father and went to India. When she was there she heard about Kazuya Mishima and decided to meet him. She became his bodyguard along with Ganryu and Bruce Irvin. Later Anna placed the bomb in her sister's car. Nina started shooting to her, but she jumped into water and escaped. Both decided to enter to King of Iron Fist Tournamnet 2.

Tekken 3

During previous tournament Kazuya said Anna that Nina was caught by his people and she became guinea pig in Doctor Boskonovitch's "Cold Sleep" expeviment. Despite that they were still in conflict Anna didn't want to leave her sister. She went to Boskonivitch decided to be a guinea pig as Nina. Nineteen years later they felt presence of Ogre and both awakened. Anna wanted compete with her sister, but Nina lost her memory and don't remember her. Nina entered to King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 and Anna did the same to prevent that her sister become assassin again.

Tekken 5

After King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 Nina vanished and Anna felt something was missing in her life. Than she got a call from Nina. Anna met her few days later and when she was Nina they started fighting. In the end they decided to end their battle in the King of Iron Fist Tounament 5.

Tekken 6

Anna was defeated by Nina in previous tournament. When she learned that Nina is member of the Mishima Zaibatsu she decided to join to G Corporaton ruled by Kazuya Mishima, serving as an antagonist, She fights Lars and Alisa at the G corps Headquarters and stops them from attacking Kazuya at the entry of Azazel's Temple.

'Tekken 7

Anna returns in the second season of Tekken 7's DLC. It is revealed that Anna have retired from assassination and following her retirement, she met and fell in love with an elite soldier from the G Corporation and a member of the Mmafia. On her wedding day, however, Nina assassinated her fiancé and fled, making Anna decide to kill her in revenge.