Annabel is the secondary antagonist in the 1991 film Drop Dead Fred.

She was portrayed by Bridget Fonda.


She is dating Charles, Elizabeth's boyfriend, and Elizabeth believes that she is with Charles and she will marry him but at a party she sees Charles with Annabel, who looks shocked at seeing Elizabeth because she expected to be alone and protected with Charles so Annabel begins laughing at Elizabeth and then she and Charles humiliate her so Elizabeth runs off crying.

Annabel then smirks at Elizabeth when she runs off and Charles runs his hands down Annabel's naked arms protecting her as she kisses him revealing full well she knows about Elizabeth and is planning on humiliating her.


From what was seen of Annabel, it can be deduced she was a typical spoiled brat and believed that her beauty and lust would win her over in life. She was probably only dating Charles for his money, yet she did seem to genuinely love Charles as she smirked lustfully when he protected her by sliding his hands down her naked shoulders.

Annabel was blonde and Elizabeth was brunette, and Annabel probably had to struggle against the "blondes are stupid" prejudice, maybe explaining Annabel's haughty and imperious nature, yet Annabel could not hide her obsessive sexual lust which would eventually be her downfall when Elizabeth's love for Charles proved greater than Annabel's lust for him. However, Charles' love for Annabel was greater than his love for Elizabeth and this led Elizabeth to dump Charles in which case he most likely went back to Annabel again.

Annabel considered herself very sexy and would often display her beauty to the world by revealing her naked shoulders and suchlike at fancy dinner parties. However, underneath all this pompous exterior, she was in reality a treacherous, cowardly sycophant who could never do anything for herself and relied on constant protection.

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