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Annabelle Loren is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Dr. David Trent) in the original House on Haunted Hill. She was the 4th wife of Frederick Loren. She and Trent had Frederick throw a party at the House on Haunted Hill, to kill him and have his money.


Annabelle Loren is the fourth wife of the eccentric millionaire Frederick Loren, not happy with her marriage as Frederick doesn't respect his own wealth, Annabelle continuously came up with ways to kill her husband. When Frederick invites five people to his mansion (rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of 7 murder victims) Annabelle tricks Frederick into inviting Dr. David Trent (whom Annabelle is having an affair with). Together they scheme to drive Nora Manning (an employee of Mr. Loren) into hysteria so she would kill Frederick by accident.

As the night continues, Trent and Annabelle stage hauntings throughout the house as Nora begins to panic. In order to get away with her crimes, Annabelle stages her death via hanging. The guests begin to distrust Mr. Loren and believe he is trying to kill them, as soon as Frederick heads into the basement Nora accidentally shoots him with a pistol he gave all his guests. Trent then attempts to dissolve Loren's body in a vat of acid.

Hearing of their success from Trent, Nora heads down to the basement to confirm that her husband is dead only to find a skeleton rise out of a vat. Terrified Nora accidentally falls into the vat of acid killing her. The remaining guests confront Loren in the basement who reveals he knew about the plan the entire time and killed both conspirators and will turn himself in.

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