Annette Lowell is the secondary antagonist of the 2015 crime novel The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas.

The Darkest Corners

After her failed attempt at having a child, Annette was at a gas station, and she sees Amanda Stevens with her baby daughter, Macy. She later followed Amanda to her home, and she kidnapped Macy without making a sound. She then returned to Fayette, Pennsylvania, forged a birth certificate, and renamed the young infant Joslin. Sometime after this incident, she faked a pregnancy, and in her desperation, she met Taylor (who was four months pregnant) on an online chat room for expectant mothers. Discovering that Taylor worked at an OshKosh store half a mile from her house, Annette totals her car, and kidnaps her. She kept Taylor hostage in her cabin, and once she had given birth, Annette murders her, and kidnaps her baby. She names the baby Tessa.

Sometime later, reports on the missing Macy Stevens spread throughout the media. Lori Cawley, Callie's cousin, realizes that Joslin was really the missing girl; fearing that the truth might get out, Annette murders her, and makes it seem that the Ohio River Monster murdered her; as such, she accuses Stokes of murdering Lori, and he's convicted. She then tries to leave Fayette with a young Tessa, but her plan was foiled. Tessa goes to live with her grandmother, and Joslin severs her ties with her baby sister as to keep her safe.

Ten years later, Annette reunites with Tessa at the hospital. While they were having a discussion, Tessa blacks out; it's revealed that Annette secretly placed Ambien into her daughter's coffee, and when Tessa comes to, she found herself being held prisoner in her mother's cabin in Bear Mountain. Tessa secretly takes a fork, and she uses it to escape the house. Thankfully, she was found by the officers, and Annette was arrested. Aiming to avoid the death penalty, Annette confesses to the murder of Lori Cawley, as well as to the kidnapping of the two girls. In her twisted mind, all Annette ever wanted was to be a good mother.

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