Annias is one of the villains from David Eddings' The Elenium.


He is a corrupt churchman who is under the influence of Azash in The Elenium which is finally revealed to be the mechanisms of Zalasta, as apparently, when he was younger, he was utterly devoted to the church, and was only corrupted by Styric interference.

When he was the royal chamberlain, he slept with Princess Arissa, who seduced him. He decided to leave the priesthood and marry Arissa, however the loose moraled Princess Arissa did not agree; she liked her promiscuous lifestyle.

However, he did make her pregnant, the result being Lycheas. He is responsible for the poisoning of Queen Ehlana, in an attempt to end her interference with his plans to ascend to the title of Archprelate, leader of the Elene church.

Seeing the look of abject misery on the face of Annias when Sparhawk made the offhand mention of Dolmant's ascension to the position in Otha's palace, Sparhawk felt that at that moment, his revenge against Annias for all his sins was complete. He is killed by Azash at the end of The Sapphire Rose.

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