Annie's Fake Parents are supporting antagonists in the 2014 movie adaptation Annie.

They were portrayed by Dorian Missick and Tracie Thoms.


They are a couple found by Guy Danlily who said they are the Bennetts, they appeared at the restaurant where Annie's real parents went when they were alive, because what Annie doesn't know is her real parents died a long time ago. So they play their role to perfection the fake father told Annie they went to move to Brazil, so Annie decided to follow them to go on the trip, but the real reason is that Guy wants the girl out of Will Stacks life forever.

When they arrive to the office they take Annie to their car, when Annie told them if they can sing or dance, playing the piano, they answered "No." Annie finally sees they were not her real parents, the fake mother tells her they were working for William Stacks. When Annie said she did not believe them, the fake father told her he just betrayed her by selling her to them, they maybe want get rid of her by killing her.

So they try to stop her from getting help, when they arrive to the bridge Stacks's helicopter and the police arrived, arresting both the fake parents. It's likely that they were sent to prison afterwards to pay for their crimes.


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