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Annie Palmer is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. She appeared as an anti-villain from 1997 to 1999.

She was portrayed by Nadia Sawalha.


Annie Palmer first came to Albert Square, the market town of a fictional East London borough called Walford. Thereupon she joined her father George Palmer in running his illcit business empire after originally starting out as his business partner.

As time went on, it became clear that Annie was keen to impress her father enough for him to respect her. It was because that she felt that George always wanted a son rather than a daughter. This theory resurfaces when it is alleged that local resident Gianni di Marco may potentially be George's son, as George had an affair with Gianni's mother Rosa before her late spouse Giuseppe passed away. To Annie's relief, though, George is not Gianni's father. But she nevertheless manages to impress George as well as bond with the Di Marco family, including with Gianni's brother Beppe despite the latter being a policeman.

Soon enough, Annie starts a somewhat "legitimate" companionship with the square's local hardman Grant Mitchell and his brother Phil Mitchell - who are both the two sons of George's recent girlfriend Peggy Mitchell, the landlady of The Queen Victoria public house. Annie soon gets the Mitchell Brothers involved in her illcit business activates that specializes in money laundering scams and the expansion of her illegal gambling den. As such, Annie gets Phil to manhandle her loan-sharking operation whilst Grant is assigned to help manage the local gym as one of her business fronts.

During this time, Annie becomes instrumental in helping out Phil's stepson Ian Beale with his campaign to run for a seating position in the Walford council. She later teams up with Ian's private investigator, Ros Thorne, in finding the prison where a convicted hitman named John Valecue is being held for attempted murder. Valecue had been hired by Ian's treacherous wife, Cindy Beale, to kill Ian in a drive-by-shooting so that she can steal custody of Ian's daughter Lucy along with her half-brothers Steven Beale and Peter Beale respectively. As Cindy looks set to win the custody battle, Ian's issue begins to compromise Annie's plans for the council. She helps Ian restore his agenda by joining Ros in paying Valecue a prison visit, where they urge him to expose Cindy's perpetuation on Ian's shooting. This works successfully as Cindy gets arrested and jailed for Ian's shooting. Afterwards, Annie's plan with Ian eventually comes to fruition.

In 1999, Annie is left managing her father's empire on her own - as she had gained George's approval to run the business when he later entrusts her to keep everything running while he is due to go to New Zealand on personal matters. Annie spends most of her time managing her fronted gym with Grant and later goes into business partnership with the Mitchell Brothers' sworn enemy Steve Owen. Together, she helps Steve renovate The Market Cellar nightclub into the E20 nightclub. However, Annie is left unaware of the events on the E20 opening night - when Steve ends up killing his ex-girlfriend Saskia Duncan before eventually framing his DJ employee Matthew Rose for the crime. Steve's success in getting away from Saskia's murder also creates some issues with Annie's management of the business. Steve then begins clashing with both Annie and Grant over the business management.

Eventually, Annie decides that her business is not working out in Walford. She decides to leave and appoints Steve as co-owner of her business, with Grant set to become his business partner. She leaves to join her father in managing his business in New Zealand. Since then, neither Annie or George have ever been mentioned in the square again.



  • Annie Palmer was voted by What's on TV as the 85 sexiest soap sirens of all time out of 100.