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I hungered. And when I hunger, I feed. The dreams of your people were a very satisfying meal. Enough so that I did not need nourishment again for many years. Of course, once I was done, your people had no dreams left. But they, like the dreams themselves, were hardly to be missed.
~ Annona to Sahmad.
Dreams are my meat and drink. With them, I am power. Without them, I am nothing.
~ Annona to Sahmad.

Annona is the major antagonist in the BIONICLE franchise as she serves as the main antagonist in BIONICLE: Sahmad's Tale. She is an ancient entity that lived in the planet of Spherus Magna and was responsible for the decimation of the entire Iron Tribe and also served as Sahmad's archenemy.


Annona was the reddish and greenish colored eldritch being who appeared in the feminine humanoid appearance. Her eyes were green and she have a long hair which was actually her tentacles, covered most of her left side of her face and lacked a mouth.

When transformed into her monstrous form, her monstrous form resembles the snake-like monster with tentacles which attached on her head and possesses the row of sharp teeth.



Anonna is an ancient entity whose history predates the Great Beings. When the Great Beings came into existence, Anonna observed them in case they a posed threat to her.

At one point, she tried to drive them mad with her powers, but she found out that their minds were too alien. The Great Beings in turn thrived on her mind, taking her dreams and using them as inspiration for their own creations. Annona was then forced to retreat underground whenever she saw the Great Beings in order to avoid them.

While she was underground, she remained in the shadows until prey came, which she would devour.

Over 103,000 years ago, Annona grew hungry and began to feed on the dreams of the Iron Tribe members in an event known by the Agori as the Dreaming Plague. Annona was also responsible for granting the Sisters of the Skrall.

Sahmad's Tale



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