I hunger. And when I hunger, I feed.
~ Annona

Annona is an antagonist that first introduced in BIONICLE: Sahmad's Tale as the main antagonist and the minor antagonist in BIONICLE: The Powers That Be. She is an ancient entity that lived in Spherus Magna and was also responsible for the decimation of the Iron Tribe.

She was voiced by Kathleen Barr, who also voiced as Roodaka in the animated series.



Anonna is an ancient old entity whose history predates the Great Beings. When the Great Beings came into being into the planet, Anonna observed them in case they posed the threat on her. At one point, she tries to drive them mad with her powers, but she found out that their minds are too alien. The Great Beings in turn thrived on her mind, taking her dreams and using them as inspiration for their own creations. Annona then forced to retreat into the underground whenever she sees the Great Beings in order to avoid them.

While she was underground, she remained in the shadows until prey came and she devoured him.

Sahmad's Tale

Over 103,000 years ago, Annona grew hungry and began to feed on the dreams of the Iron Tribe members in an event known by the Agori as the Dreaming Plague.

Annona was also responsible for granting the Sisters of Skrall


Annona has a serpentine-like body and wears the red armors on her upper body. She also appeared that have several humanoid-like features such as her teal-green skin and her razor teeth. The tip of her tail have a sharp blade.


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