With muscles of magnitude, the masked man of might rolls a gigantic snowball and flies it high into the stratosphere where he uses his stupendous vision to locate the diabolical arch-fiend Annoying Girl!
~ Stupendous Man

Annoying Girl is an archenemy of Stupendous Man, an alter ego of Calvin. She is actually an alter ego of Susie Derkins, a girl who lives in Calvin's neighborhood.


Stupendous fight her only one. At first, Calvin tries to throw a snowball at Susie. However, the snowball simply falls on the ground, because "the Earth's gravity has increased."

The situation warrants the intervention of Stupendous Man who makes a giant snowball, flies into the air and hits his archenemy, Annoying Girl. She ends up laying on the ground with hair full of snow and happy Stupendous Man flies home.

Unfortunately for him, Susie's mom calls Calvin's mom and she takes Stupendous Man's costume away to punish Calvin.


  • Annoying Girl is the only foe Stupendous Man vanquished. On the other side, she won in fact, as Calvin had problems with his mom after the incident.
  • Susie appeared in two more Stupendous Man stories, but only as Susie Derkins, innocent bystander.