Anomaly is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. He first appeared in Adventures of Superman #539.

Fictional character biography

Anomaly is a clone of convicted murderer Floyd "Bullets" Barstow, created by Project Cadmus, which is a large scientific 'think tank' specializing in genetics. After a fight with a person named Misa, the slight scratches on his right hand become inflamed and his powers manifest. He believes this 'evil' comes from his original DNA source. After escaping from Cadmus, he joins the Revenge Squad Superman Revenge Squad where Superman defeats him. Intergang, a vast criminal organization, easily gets him out of prison and Anomaly begins working with the group. Intergang's mission to kill Cadmus' protector, Guardian, fails when Anomaly experiences a change of heart. He helps protect Guardian. In return, Anomaly is allowed to return to Cadmus to see if he could be helped.


Anomaly has the power to turn his body into any substance he touches (much like the Marvel Comics villain Absorbing Man)

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