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We do not forget, we do not forgive. We are anonymous.
~ The leader's most famous quote.

The Anonymous Leader is the main antagonist in The IT Crowd season finale "The Internet Is Coming". He is the person responsible for publicly humiliating Roy Trenneman and throughout the episode is seen harassing them on the Internet.


He first appeared after Jen Barber accidentally threw a cup of coffee she was unsatisfied with over a tramp and Roy Trenneman had an argument with a small barista over how he was too small to make decent coffee, he recorded the following, took it out of context and uploaded it onto YouTube, however the quality of his video was very poor and it was impossible to identify the two. When new footage of his video was released he sent Roy, Jen and their co-worker Morris Moss a harassing video where he told them that the anonymous were out to humiliate them and that both would receive their own "sentence".

In his final appearance he is preparing to begin Jen's hearing before his parents enter his room and expose his face and identity revealing him to be nothing more than a teenage computer geek. Roy, Jen and Morris Moss close the laptop ending their paranoia and annoyance over being harassed by users on the internet.


Not much is known about the leader other than the fact that he is a bored teenager who seems to enjoy nothing more than harassing people on the internet.


In his initial appearance he wears a neat black suit and a Guy Fawkes mask (which is used by most stereotypical anonymous members), he also has visible short blonde hair. His face is later revealed to be that of a boy in his late teens.


  • He and the other villains in this episode appear to be the show's mocking of how overblown and ridiculous people on the internet act especially towards very minor issues.
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