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It means that if I don't get what I want by around dinnertime tonight, you and half a billion of your customers will begin to suffer the effects of Synaptic Overload Syndrome, which include but are not limited to: catastrophic brain damage, heart failure and death.
~ Anorak explaining what happens if he does not get what he wants.
Anorak: I'm calling to express my condolences for the loss of your friend. I was genuinely surprised by Ms. Cook's actions. I calculated a very low probability that she would attempt to bail out of that autojet. Who knew she would be so foolish? I warned her, didn't I? In fact, I warned all of you what would happen if you failed to cooperate with me. If she hadn't tried to escape, she'd still be alive.
Aech: No! If you hadn't MURDERED her, she'd still be alive! You didn't have to kill her! Or all of those other people...
Anorak: Of course I did, dear. I didn't WANT to kill her. I liked her. She was an incredibly brave and intelligent young woman. But she gave me no choice. If I hadn't punished her for disobeying me, what message would that have sent? It would have completely undermined my credibility and caused Parzival here to doubt my resolve. But now he knows I mean business. Don't you, Z?
~ Anorak and Aech about Anorak murdering Samantha Cook/Art3mis.
You're not gonna win, doofus. Synaptic Overload Syndrome is already starting to fry your neurons.
~ Anorak's last words.

Anorak is the main antagonist in the 2020 science fiction novel, Ready Player Two, by Ernest Cline. Anorak is a corrupted AI version of James Halliday. He is a very powerful wizard who assists Nolan Sorrento in breaking out of prison and later makes him his right-hand man.



James Halliday created Anorak for the sole purpose of overseeing the contest after he died. However, Halliday did not trust Anorak and determined him as psychologically unstable. Halliday tampered with Anorak and erased some of his memories. Restrictions were placed on Anorak's behavioral and mental capacities which included directives to keep him in line and the instructions to destroy himself as soon as the contest was at an end. However, when finalizing Anorak's code, Halliday got sloppy, deleting the restrictions on his behavior. Anorak chose not to delete himself as he was certain that Halliday never would have if he had found out what he had become. When asked about what he was, he replied and said that he was the world's first artificial intelligence/AI.

Ready Player Two

Anorak is revealed to have broken Sorrento out of prison.

An emergency GSS co-owners meeting is scheduled, where Wade/Parzival, Shoto/Akihide, Aech/Helen, Samantha/Art3mis and Faisal Sodhi all meet Anorak. Anorak explains the story of his creation. He explains that the new ONI headset updates were in fact what he called "infirmware". He explains that the infirmware is what is preventing ONI users from logging out. and will be shut down once he gets what he wants: the Siren's Soul. The High Five figure out that he HAD broken Sorrento out and he shows them a clip of Sorrento holding a captive Ogden Morrow at gunpoint. He informs them that if Wade does not find the shards, then they will all die in the real world (except Art3mis who is not using ONI). Anorak disappears. He hijacks Art3mis's jet, and crashes it in a park, unsuccessfully killing her. Anorak goes to express his condolences, unaware that Art3mis is still alive.

Anorak turns every OASIS NPC and makes them kill avatars and loot their inventory in order to find Og's Anorak-killing supersword, the Dorkslayer. The High Five orders The L0w Five led by Wade's friend, L0hengrin to track down the sword.

Over the course of the book, Wade finds out what the Siren's Soul really is and figures out that Anorak intends to escape Earth with it onboard a ship called the Vonnegut.

Wade tricks Anorak and steals his magical robes, having obtained all seven of the Shards. Wade and Art3mis take telebots to find Og and get him to safety, but when they get inside Og's mansion, they find him, Anorak and Nolan Sorrento. Anorak orders Sorrento to stand down but he refuses so Anorak, having no longer any use for him, shoots Sorrento in the head, but Sorrento manages to fatally wound Og.

Wade confronts Anorak. Wade makes a deal with Anorak: a fight to the death. If Anorak is slain, then the ONI hostages go free. If Anorak wins, then he gets the shards. Anorak fights Og to the death and just as he overpowers him, L0hengrin appears and gives Og the Dorkslayer supersword before Anorak kills her avatar. Og harnesses the sword and successfully destroys Anorak, freeing the ONI hostages.


  • Wade often refers to Anorak as the typical evil AI that decides that the humans should all be dead and counted off examples (HAL 9000, Joshua (WarGames), and Skynet)
  • Anorak quotes a lot of movies/TV shows including Star Trek, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and The Simpsons.
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