For the Another Agito that appears in Kamen Rider Agito see Kaoru Kino.

Another AgitΩ is a horde of Another Riders that resemble the original Another Agito. Created from an unnamed person, the first/leading/progenitor Another AgitΩ was sent by Sworz to lure Shouichi Tsugami back to Japan in order to steal his power of Agito. To accomplish this, it evolved the G3 Squad into more Another AgitΩ to overwhelm the Kamen Riders.

After stealing Shouichi's power, Uhr uses the Agito Ridewatch produced from an Another AgitΩ to evolving it into Kamen Rider Agito prevent it from falling into Zi-O's hands. Under Uhr's control, it evolves dozens of random civilians into more Another AgitΩs.

At first, the leading Another AgitΩ used a zombie bite to infect its victims, much like its zombified victims does. After becoming Kamen Rider Agito, the leading Another AgitΩ has zombie bite replaced with projecting a purple light from its chest, implanting the infected Agito’s Seed onto the victims around it a zombification alternative. The only way to revert all zombified Another AgitΩ victims at the same time is to eliminate the leader itself.


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