Another Hibiki is a Kaijin Rider created by the Time Jackers and an antagonist in episodes 33 and 34 of Kamen Rider Zi-O.


Another Hibiki was originally Tsutomu Tsuzumiya, a childhood friend of Sougo Tokiwa who dreamed of becoming an Oni Rider like his hero, Kamen Rider Hibiki.

In the present day, Tsutomu became a student of the current Hibiki, Kyosuke Kiriya. He was later forced by Uhr to accept the Hibiki Anotherwatch and become Another Hibiki. The newly created Another Rider went on a rampage and was confronted by Kamen Riders Zi-O and Geiz, who soon received assistance from Todoroki in driving him off.

Zi-O and Geiz later confronted Another Hibiki again and defeated him, forcing him out of his transformation and discovering his true identity. Uhr then stopped time and forced Tsutomu to become Another Hibiki again. As the Riders fought back Another Hibiki once more, Kyosuke Kiriya interfered in the battle.


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