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Anson Fullerton is the main antagonist of the popular USA TV series Burn Notice. He is the archenemy of Michael Westen. 

He was portrayed by Jere Burns, who also portrayed Jake Abernathy in Bates Motel.


Anson was the one that founded the organization with "Management" which burned Westen. He had begun building the organization when he was evaluating burnt spies as DIA psychiatrist. Anson was a cold and vile madman involved in the organization's many dealings and willing to kill anyone mercy.

Anson interviewed Michael Westen's parents years before his burn notice and realized how Westen would be a valuable asset to his organization. It is also revealed he had Westen's father killed once he became curious as to why a psychiatrist was so interested in Michael.

Anson is first seen in the trunk of Dead Larry's car. Larry forces him to work with Westen in getting info in the British consulate after killing Anson's family. Fiona manages to distract Larry enough to kill him with a bomb but another bomb explodes destroying the building and killing the security personnel. Later, at Michael's westen he reveals himself as the very person who had him burned and killed a random family member. He blackmails Fiona for the bombing to get Michael to do his bidding in hopes of rebuilding The Organization Westen helped destroy.

Michael and the team work to bring Anson down and with help from a agent comes closer in doing so. Anson escapes defeat via trigger to a boat bomb with Michael vowing to catch him.

Nate, Westen's brother, stops him at the Atlantic City Airport but he and Anson are killed by sniper Tyler Gray.