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The Ant Drones are extra-dimensional robotic enemies from 10th Dimension, created and led by The Evil Twins and reside on Twinsanity Island, specifically in their home base, Ant Agony. They look like the Lab Assistants, and like them also come in several varieties.



Types of Ants

Normal Ants

Normal Ants are garbed in blue armor like Soldier Ants.

Lancer Ants

They are garbed in blue armor and are equipped with a short plasma sword that shocks players when attacked. The plasma sword is similar to a lightsaber.

Drill Ants

These special Ants have light brown armor, sort of like a camouflage resembling rocks, and a drill on their head.

Fire Ants

Garbed in red armor, the Fire Ant, hence its name, has the ability to breathe a lengthy fire out of its mouth.

Jet Pack Ants

These other special type of Ants have jetpacks on their backs that allow them to fly through the air. They also have a special type of gun modeled after Cortex's gun that shoots similar blasts of energy. The Jet Pack Ants use their jetpacks to fly high enough so that the player cannot attack them and then they shoot.

Bomb Ants

These types of Ants are like normal ants but they stand near ball spawns and throw the balls which will explode after a few seconds or will explode if they come into contact with Crash or Cortex.

Cut Ants

There are only two ants that have not appeared in the game.

  • Greyscale Ant - These ants were going to be in the Tenth Dimension. They appear in concept art in the early greyscale 10th Dimension and were going to be planning an attack on Crash Bandicoot and maybe Neo Cortex.
  • Ant Leader - The Ant Leader was the original main antagonist of the game instead of the Evil Twins. He was larger and had four arms, making him the leader of the other ants. His second pair of arms would be much smaller than the upper ones and he would have had a vent-like mouth instead of the other Ants who actually have mouths with teeth.



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