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Anthony Cooper is a minor antagonist from the TV show Lost. He goes by many false names, including Adam SewardTom Sawyer, Ted MacLaren, Louis Jackson, and Paul, among others.

He was portrayed by Kevin Tighe.


At one point in his life, Cooper met a woman named Emily Locke, and impregnated her, to which she gave birth to a man named John Locke.

Later in his life, Cooper conned a woman named Mary Ford under the alias of the name Tom Sawyer for $38,000. This con resulted in her husband killing her and then committing suicide over the incident, and sent their son, James Ford, on a quest to murder the man he perceived as killing his parents. He wrote a letter when this first happened, and vowed to make the man responsible read it out loud to him before James killed him.

When Cooper's kidneys began to fail, he paid his ex-lover Emily to make contact with John Locke. When Locke eventually made contact with him, Anthony treated him kindly, acting as the father figure Locke had never had, and he got close to John by taking him hunting several times. One day, Cooper deliberately gave Locke the wrong arrival time, resulting in Locke showing up early and discovering his father was on kidney dialysis. Locke volunteered to give his father one of his kidneys. However, after the surgery, Locke woke to find Cooper had already checked himself out of the hospital. Locke's mother admitted that she had worked with Cooper to con Locke into donating his kidney. When Locke showed up at Cooper's house, the security guard had been instructed not to let him in. Locke was left devastated at his father's betrayal.

Cooper moved to a new residence, and John still parked outside his house. Cooper tells John he did indeed con him by saying "You think you're the first person that ever got conned?" And then tells John not to come back because he's not wanted.

Soon after, Locke and his girlfriend Helen see in the newspaper that Cooper died. At the funeral, Locke forgives him. When Locke returns home, he finds Cooper alive and well in his car. Cooper tells Locke that he pretended to be dead because 2 other men would have killed him because Cooper stole $700,000 from them in a retirement con. Cooper tells Locke that if he helps him, he can take $200,000 if it. The two men after Cooper visit Locke but Locke doesn't tell them anything. Locke doesn't take the $200,000, and Cooper flies away. This ended up destroying Locke's romantic relationship with Helen.

Several years later, John stumbled into another of Anthony's cons. Going by the name "Adam Seward," he was attempting to marry Mrs. Talbot in order to steal her money. Peter Talbot, her son, suspected his plan and attempted to intervene and went to ask John. Locke confronted his father at a flower shop, demanding that he call off the wedding. He told Cooper that Peter was aware of the con and threatened to tell Mrs. Talbot the truth. Cooper agreed to call off the wedding. However Peter Talbot died suddenly and mysteriously. John went to Anthony's apartment to confront him over the death, but Anthony said he had nothing to do with it (and although there is no proof of it, he was most likely lying). Locke went to the phone to call Mrs. Talbot. When John turned his back, Anthony suddenly rushed and pushed him out an eighth story window, leaving John's back broken and leaving him paralyzed (until John lands on a mysterious island, which miraculously cures his paralyzing).

Eventually, in an attempt to seduce John Locke, The Others kidnap Anthony Cooper, and tell Locke that if he kills him, they will let him join them. Locke refuses to kill him, despite what his father did to him. However, Locke soon finds out the James Ford, who now goes by the name "Sawyer" also has something against Cooper. After Locke locked Sawyer and Cooper in the Brig together, Cooper told Sawyer about how he came to the Island. Cooper then inadvertently revealed his past connection to Sawyer, who handed him the letter he wrote to the original Sawyer as a child, demanding that he read it. When Cooper mocked Sawyer and tore up his letter, Sawyer strangled him to death with a chain.