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Is everything prepared for my last... little joy?
~ Lilliman as he prepares to rape a young girl.

Bishop Anthony Lilliman is an antagonist of the V for Vendetta limited comic book series, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd.



By 1993, after a nuclear war between the United States of America and the Soviet Union in the 1980s, Anthony Lilliman was the voice of the English Fascist Norsefire Party led by Adam Susan in the Church of England and chaplain of the Larkhill Resettlement Camp, a concentration camp for those who didn't not fit the party's "Aryan ideal", like LGBT people, Blacks, Muslims, Africans, political left-wingers, Asians and Jews. He worked alongside Commander Lewis Prothero and Doctor Delia Surridge, who was allowed to experiment with the Batch 5 hormonal drug. During Prothero's rule, prisoners were thrown into dirty cells, tortured, drugged with Batch 5 and even burnt alive or dead.

Lilliman's job consisted in blessing them before their tortures or deaths, but Lilliman spent most of the time lusting after Surridge. He was also paid £200,000 to keep his silence, despite his task of monitoring any "rules and rights" violations. However, one man victimized in Larkhill's Room 5, later known simply as V, whom both Lilliman and Prothero were particularly cruel with, managed to escape and burn down Larkhill, intending to bring the Norsefire Party to an end and get revenge against Susan's fascist government.

V for Vendetta

Years later, in 1997, Lilliman now works as the Bishop of London, having been personally appointed to his position likely by Chancellor Susan himself. During mass, Lillilman spreads all of Norsefire's hateful and bigoted propaganda.

However, every Sunday after mass, Lilliman has an special sex agency bring him underage girls to molest them for his "children's hour". However, by this time, V resurfaces with his vigilante plans to bring down Susan's rule and enlists the help of the young Evey Hammond to aid him in killing Lilliman as part of his agenda, having rendered Prothero permanently insane beforehand.

To do so, V has Evey dress like a fifteen years old girl and pose like one of the girls send to Lilliman. One Sunday evening, after mass, Lilliman meets up with Evey at the Abbey during the "children's hour". Despite knowing what kind of person the clergyman is, Evey confides Lilliman all she knows about V to gain amnesty, but the lecherous priest thinks that it's all part of a sex game, so Evey smashes him with a book when he tries to rape her. Furious, Lilliman chases after Evey, but she ends up fleeing when V appears on the scene.

After engaging in a theological debate and getting rid of Lilliman's valet, who tries to rescue his boss, Lilliman is forced to swallow a poisoned communion wafer and dies. With Prothero and Lilliman dead, V later kills Surridge, and Eric Finch starts to realize V's past.

In the film

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