Is everything prepared for my last... little joy?
~ Lilliman as he prepares to rape a young girl

Bishop Anthony Lilliman is an antagonist in the V for Vendetta comics, as well as the live-action movie, where he was played by John Standing.

In the film

Lilliman is the voice of the Norsefire Party in the Church of England, personally appointed to his position by Chancellor Sutler himself. However, it is later revealed he was once an ordinary cleric who worked at the Larkhill concentration camp where V was held, allegedly giving "spiritual support" to the prisoners before Adam Susan promoted Father Lilliman to Bishop of Westminster, and therefore V targets him for revenge.

However, another side of Lilliman is that he is a corrupt bishop who molests juvenile girls every Sunday, during what he calls "Children's Hour". It is strongly implied that Lilliman employs the services of a secret sex agency which recruits these young girls for him to abuse.

After Evey Hammond offers to repay V's kindness to her, he takes advantage and dresses her up as a young girl, then sends her to the Bishop. Lilliman arrives and attempts to rape Evey. However, she fends him off by hitting him over the head with a lamp. V then arrives and forces Lilliman to undergo a bizarre and sadistic form of communion, and then force-feeds the paedophile bishop a holy wafer laced with cyanide. Despite the vile nature of the bishop, Evey cannot help but feel partly responsible for his murder.

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