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Anthony O. Trumper, much better known by his surname Trumper, is the main antagonist of the 2015 Oscar-nominated animated film Shaun the Sheep Movie (which is Aardman's sixth feature film), a spinoff of the Wallace and Gromit franchise. He is one of Shaun's two arch-nemesis (alongside Hector) and was an Animal Control Officer.

He was voiced by Omid Djalili, who also voiced Yusuf Amir in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Trumper is an arrogant egomaniac and animal warden with a hatred for all animals. He is the Flock's nemesis as they make their way through the Big City.

With a passion for capturing stray animals for the city's animal shelter, Trumper has all of the latest gadgets and gizmos to be the all-seeing eye in the city. He runs the animal shelter with an Animal Grabber. His zeal and arrogance put him in hot pursuit of the Mossy Bottom animals.


Trumper likes to bully animals and take them in to the compound or the Animal Containment shelter, but it becomes a bigger problem for him when Shaun and the Flock arrive.

In the Big City

Trumper is first seen right after Shaun arrives in the city to find the Farmer, with the rest of the Flock following him there on another bus. Right after exchanging a glance with a dog named Slip while she's eating out of a trash can, he shows up, captures Slip and puts her in the back of his truck for containment. However, he also finds sheep wool on the floor near the buses, which clues him in that something is up. Thankfully, the Flock quickly disguise themselves as humans, and though Trumper follows their trail to the store they snuck into, he doesn't recognize them, to the point he even develops a crush on the twins, who are dressed up as a lady. Later on however, when Shaun accidently reveals himself at a restaurant, Trumper quickly travels over there and captures him, with Shaun taking Timmy's teddy bear to look after.

Night at the Animal Shelter

Trumper then takes Shaun into the shelter and locks him up in a cell along with Bitzer (who he captured earlier while he was in the hospital trying to find the Farmer). To escape, Shaun first tries to grab the keys on his belt while he's near their cell making fun of the way Slip eats, but despite coming close, he's unable to reach them. However, Trumper then gets distracted by the sheep twins from the Flock, who Trumper earlier developed a crush on due to their lady disguise, while the rest of the Flock try to break them out of prison. However, they end up breaking down the wall of the wrong building and set off an alarm, causing them all to panic and for Trumper to discover what they're doing. While that's happening though, Shaun improvises a different plan of escape by making a fake, but very real looking drawing of a hole in the wall of their cell. He and Bitzer then hide, and surely enough, Trumper falls for it when he goes back to their cell to check on them. When he goes inside to investigate, Shaun takes his keys, he and Bitzer lock him up in his own cell, they free Slip as well, and they all make their escape.

Trumper's Pursuit

One of the Animal Containment Helpers releases him from the cell and he goes and gets an electronic grabber to taze Shaun and the flock by following the piece of wool that the Flock left when trying to rescue Shaun and Bitzer. Later on, he finds them in a horse costume that they're hiding in after they used a trick to put the Farmer to sleep and have him on top of it to get him home. Mistaking the uncoscious Farmer for an officer or ranger of sorts, he asks him where the animals are, but despite the animals manipulating the Farmer's body language to temporarily fool him, he then sees more wool on the floor, starts following it, and eventually trips, getting his head stuck in the horse's bottom. The flock then start twitching the body around and Timmy hits him with his teddy bear to get his head out of the horse. He then starts to chase him until he finally catches them in the caravan and falls out, leaving his animal grabber gripping onto the back of the caravan.

Going back to Mossy Bottom Farm

After they got back to Mossy Bottom Farm, Trumper turned out to be hiding under the caravan. He crawls out from under the caravan like a zombie would do, walking slowly with his pants showing, then approaches our heroes just as they're about to go in the house while wielding a scythe he came across, making him look like the grim reaper in the moonlight and scaring them all since by now, he's livid and just wants to get rid of them. Shaun, Bitzer, Slip, the Farmer and the rest of the Flock try hiding in a shed, but he quickly finds them and uses a tractor to try pushing them into a nearby rock quarry. Just before he can push the shed into the quarry though, Shaun escapes from a window and he stops Trumper by pushing him off and reversing the tractor to pull them back from the edge, saving the Flock and the Farmer.


Despite failing, he still gets his hands on Shaun and tries to throw him into the quarry, but he gets saved by the Farmer, who just got his memory back after forgetting them for most of the movie, much to Shaun's joy and Trumper's surprise. He then tries to discreetly leave so he won't get in trouble, but he gets his foot bitten by Slip. The Farmer then sees Trumper and confronts him for almost throwing him and his animals into the quarry. Trumper is scared of the Farmer and tries to reason with him, but he fails to notice a bull from the farm that's charging right towards him, with the bull ramming him with such force that he fortunately sails right over the quarry, but still soars right into a pile of manure on the other side. After that, it was certain that the authorities found out what he did, and due to his actions, Trumper got fired from his job. He is last seen working in the fast food industry advertising chicken nuggets in a chicken costume, which he isn't too pleased about.


  • Trumper's voice actor in the movie, Omid Djalili, is the same actor who also voiced Tiger the Cat in the 2006 DreamWorks computer-animated film Over the Hedge.
  • His first name "Anthony" is never mentioned in the film, mostly due to the fact that the entire film's dialogue consists of occasional grunts or other noises.
  • Trumper does not get much attention from the citizens in the big city while doing his job, because he thinks no one cares about him or his job of containing animals.
  • "Trumper" is a word used to describe someone who "trumps", "trump" being a British slang term for "fart".
  • Anthony Trumper is the first Shaun the Sheep antagonist to be a human, the second being Agent Red.
  • Anthony Trumper is the fifth human Aardman antagonist to be a male, after Mr. Hugh from Stage Fright, Angry Kid from Angry Kid, Mr. Tweedy from DreamWorks' Chicken Run and Victor Quartermaine from DreamWorks' Wallace and Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, but before Lord Nooth from Early Man.


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