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I am the Anti-Fairy Cosmo! I am not an idiot in any manner whatsoever!
~ Anti-Cosmo presenting himself to Timmy Turner.

Anti-Cosmo Anti-Julius Anti-Cosma (simply known as Anti-Cosmo) is a major antagonist in The Fairly OddParents, serving as one of the two main antagonists of the crossover special The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide (alongside Professor Calamitous), and one of the main antagonists of the 2008 film, Fairly OddBaby. He is the Anti-Fairy counterpart of Cosmo Cosma. Like all Anti-Fairies, Anti-Cosmo has the opposite personality of Cosmo, being very smart unlike his opposite. He is the husband of Anti-Wanda and the father of Foop.

He was voiced by Daran Norris, who also voiced regular Cosmo and Timmy's father.


Since all Anti-Fairies are the exact opposites of Fairies, Anti-Cosmo is the exact alternative to all character traits that Cosmo possesses.

While the Fairy Cosmo who is incredibly stupid, but kind, good and helpful, Anti-Cosmo is an evil genius and criminal mastermind who is very ruthless when it comes to achieving what he wants, such as his ambition to rule the Fairy World and people from Earth as well as causing the greatest amount of bad luck and misfortunes among humans. Other Anti-Fairies have the same goals, and Anti-Cosmo himself dictates what to do because he is their leader.

After he was released from the prison protected by Jorgen Von Strangle himself, he and the entire Anti-Fairy race moved to the Anti-Fairy World, where he rules his subordinates from his castle. To this day, Anti-Fairies pose a threat to Fairies and humans as well.


Like all Anti-Fairies, Anti-Cosmo is all in blue and black colors and has the same common features as other Anti-Fairies, such as the fangs and bat's wings. His outfit consists of a blue suit, a blue bowler hat instead of a black crown and he has a monocle on his right eye without which he can see rather bad. Unlike Cosmo, Anti-Cosmo speaks with a sophisticated British accent and uses a variety of complex words and statements.

His wife is Anti-Wanda and his son is Foop. The Anti-Cosmo's Castle is apparently not open to all guests and those who have obtained his approval have permission to enter. Because Cosmo was the last born Fairy, most likely Anti-Cosmo was the last born Anti-Fairy until Anti-Wanda gave birth to Foop.


Being the opposite of Cosmo, Anti-Cosmo is much more intelligent, cruel, malicious, diabolical, manipulative and most of all evil.

However, most of his plans are destroyed either because of Timmy and his efforts or because of Anti-Wanda, who reveals his plans to others. Despite the setbacks, Anti-Cosmo rarely gets upset and sometimes starts thinking about things that don't go his way. Anti-Cosmo does not believe in fair play and very often goes to deception just to win.

Anti-Cosmo is also shown to be treacherous; in The Timmy/Jimmy Power Hour 2, he lies to Professor Calamitous stating that if he (Calamitous) helped him free his Anti-Fairies from Fairy World Prison, that he would return the favor, but instead betrays him and locks him in prison with Jorgen Von Strangle, stating he lies often, and that it's "...almost like I'm evil!"


You see, we've been trapped behind that blasted barrier for centuries. But we knew that on some Friday the 13th, some child would be stupid enough to make his fairies bring him here and wish all of us free. You are our hero! Our BIG STUPID hero!
~ Anti-Cosmo mocking Timmy.

In the episode That Old Black Magic Anti-Fairies are mentioned for the first time. On Friday the 13th, some Anti-Fairies managed to escape to the Earth to be able to wreak havoc and destruction with their black magic, bringing bad luck and being invisible to do whatever they wanted. Timmy Turner, seeing what is happening, asked Cosmo and Wanda to bring him to the Anti-Fairies. There, he wished that every Anti-Fairy from the Anti-Fairy World would be in the Fairy World. After Cosmo fulfilled his wish, Timmy met Anti-Cosmo and his wife Anti-Wanda. Being the opposite of Cosmo, Anti-Cosmo was an incredibly intelligent and respected leader of the Anti-Fairies. After a brief explanation of what Timmy did, Anti-Cosmo sarcastically congratulated him, adding that he had become the incredibly stupid hero for all Anti-Fairies. To make matters worse, they managed to get out of the Fairy World to Earth, but Timmy's clever plan allowed the imprisonment of Anti-Cosmo and other Anti-Fairies back in the prison.

In the episode The Gland Plan, Cosmo's Fagiggly Gland starts to fail, which required transplantation and the only person who can be a donor is Anti-Cosmo. After successful transplantation, Anti-Cosmo escapes from captivity shortly after transplantation to be able to devise a plan to release the Anti-Fairies.

Later, Anti-Cosmo tries to free his imprisoned brethren, but he fails due to Jorgen's intervention. Later, with the help of Dr. Calamitous, Anti-Cosmo is able to free the every imprisoned Anti-Fairy. After that, he orders one half of the Anti-Fairy cluster to create as much bad luck as possible, and sends the other half into orbit to keep Earth from turning so Friday 13 can last forever. However, his plan failed, after which he and the Anti-Fairies were caught directly in a butterfly trap inside the hyper cube.

After he and most of his race escaped from prison in the Fairy World, Anti-Cosmo settled in the Anti-Fairy World in his dark castle where he began to plan his evil intentions about the Fairy World and Earth. In the episode Fairly Odd Baby, Anti-Cosmo and other Anti-Fairies conspired with Pixies on how to kidnap the newborn son of Cosmo and Wanda, Poof, to be able to tame his enormous magic before the Fairies and use it for their intentions. He teamed up with Head Pixie and tricked Timmy into giving them Poof, where he, along with Head Pixie, then used Poof to try to destroy Earth and Fairy World.

In the episode Anti-Poof, Anti-Cosmo is upset and furious that the Fairies are appreciated by everyone for what they did and do while the Anti-Fairies are not appreciated at all. In addition, Anti-Cosmo is annoyed by the fact that among the Fairies and Anti-Fairies there is no equality and conjures a board on which it is shown that Poof does not have its Anti-Fairy counterpart. After seeing Anti-Wanda's strange behavior, Anti-Cosmo comes to the conclusion that Anti-Wanda is in anti-fairy pregnancy and she is going to have their baby. After that, Anti-Wanda gave birth to their son and Anti-Fairy counterpart Poof, Foop. From the moment he was born, Foop is even more diabolical and treacherous than Anti-Cosmo. Anti-Cosmo tries to be a responsible father, but Foop doesn't listen to him and then electrocutes him. After draining all the magic from the Big Anti-Fairy Wand, Foop turns the whole Anti-Fairy World into a colorful place and its inhabitants into Care Fairies much to Anti-Cosmo's fury. After stopping Foop and repairing the damage, Foop was locked up in Abracatraz Prison where he was to undergo rehabilitation. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda paid him a visit by smuggling a nail file into the cake, allowing him to escape.

In the episode Balance Of Flour, Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda, as every year, took part in a bakery competition held for a thousand years hoping to win it and take over all godchildren. Anti-Cosmo, knowing that Anti-Wanda cakes are useless, decides to steal the recipe from Nana Boom-Boom's bakery and use it to win. After Timmy accidentally applied a recipe to his head, Anti-Cosmo kidnaps him to get the recipe and win the competition. Instead of Timmy, Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda kidnapped Cosmo, and Anti-Wanda was not smart enough to see that the recipe she found had no ingredients, which resulted in their defeat.



Oh, Anti-Wanda. I do love you so much but you are such a twit!
~ Anti-Cosmo to Anti-Wanda in the episode The Gland Plan.

Anti-Cosmo thinks about his wife just like Wanda thinks about Cosmo, an unintelligent but beloved spouse. Anti-Wanda is the exact opposite of Wanda and is mostly similar to Cosmo in terms of her personality and behavior. They both have the same problems as Cosmo and Wanda, but they still love and care for each other.


There will be no such thing, mister. In time we will bring Fairy World to it's knees and rule the universe but we will do it together as a family.
~ Anti-Cosmo to Foop in the episode Anti-Poof.

From the first day of his birth, Anti-Cosmo's relationship with his son Foop was very tense. Anti-Cosmo tried to act like a responsible father, but Foop decided to run away, and electrocute his father by the way. Deep down, Anti-Cosmo loves his child and tries to help Foop escape from the prison, putting a file in the cake and giving him his prison pen in Abracatraz prison. Foop later escapes from prison and has not been seen with his family ever since.


  • Anti-Cosmo calls Cosmo an "ignorant boob" many times in the episode "The Gland Plan".
  • Anti-Cosmo has appeared in "That Old Black Magic", "The Gland Plan", "Fairly Oddlympics", "Fairly Oddbaby", "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2", "Anti-Poof" and "Balance of Flour".
  • Although Anti-Cosmo is the opposite of Cosmo, he still loves his wife, Anti-Wanda.
  • In "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2", Anti-Cosmo's canine teeth are like those of sharks.
  • Anti-Cosmo occasionally calls other characters "Clarice". This is a reference to the Hannibal Lecter movies.
  • Anti-Cosmo is the complete opposite of Cosmo in terms of intelligence. Whereas Cosmo is considered a lovable idiot, Anti-Cosmo is a diabolical criminal mastermind.
  • Like all Anti-Fairies, he has blue hair, shirt, and skin, black wand, bat like wings, and is a villain.
  • While Cosmo is often despised by his fellow Fairies due to his idiocy, Anti-Cosmo is well respected among his kind due to his intellect.
    • Proof of this is that he often acts as the de facto leader of the Anti-Fairies rather than Anti-Jorgen.



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