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The Anti-Love forces are enigmatic, hateful beings and the central villains in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. They were brought into the phsyical world after the Ardor reactor broke down. Their goal is to take over the Universe and destroy all love.


  • Drillfoot: These enemies crawl on the walls. They have drills on their feet, hence their name. Their attack pattern varies depending on their armaments.
  • Hive Queen: These monsters are very dangerous. They can attack by ramming their target. Blocking their ram with your shield stuns them, allowing you to shoot them to death. A Hive Queen has an ovoid body. Her weak point is her soft backside. She cannot be hurt while she still is conscious.
  • Larvo: These larva-like creatures are very common.
  • Mine-O'War: These jellyfishes drop mines. They make their first appearance in the Cetus constellation.
  • Wooly Blammoth: These are mammoth-like creatures that live in the constellation Orion. (The hunter)


  • The Great Bear: This monster is found as the boss of the constellation Ursa Major. He resembles a bear. His weak point is his head. His main attack has him use his claws to swipe at your ship, but he can also fire missiles. After he drops to half health, the monster can teleport.
  • The Sea Monster: This creature is fought on a planet that is covered in water at the end of Cetus. He often launches larvos that try to eat the ship. He can also exit his own planet to bite the ship. His third attack has him submerge half his body into the water, creating a wave which encircles his planet and pushes the ship if it gets caught.
  • The Hunter: This skeletal hunter is the boss for the constellation Orion. He has a humanoid build. His attacks involve launching stars that must be used to melt his ice shield (which protects him from damage), launching icicles from everywhere, and swiping with his weapons. Once his health drops to half, the boss splits in half. The top half moves freely and the bottom half tries to kick the ship if it is nearby.