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You think you've defeated me, but I'm part of you! Every selfish choice you make, that's being just like me! What do you have to say to that?
~ Anti-Mabel's last words after being defeated.

Mabel "Anti-Mabel" Pines is one of the alternate universe versions of Mabel Pines trapped in MAB-3L, the realm where the lost Mabels remain, and the main antagonist of the section "Don't Dimension It" from the Gravity Falls book "Gravity Falls: Lost Legends". She is an evil alternate version (a doppelgänger) of the main Mabel who plans to destroy the latter's realm by pretending to be her friend.


Anti-Mabel's appearance is almost identical to the main Mabel's appearance, which she used in order to fool the latter. The only difference is that Anti-Mabel wears a shirt that says "I HATE CATS" underneath her sweater, which was revealed after the main Mabel took off her sweater. Instead of a heart at the end of her headband, like the main Mabel Pines , she has two spikes instead.


Anti-Mabel is initially shown to be almost identical to the main Mabel, but it is later revealed that she is the exact opposite of the main Mabel when she trapped the latter inside the outhouse.


At some point, Anti-Mabel was kicked out of her own dimension for being so evil. She eventually ended up being trapped in MAB-3L. It is unknown about what evil thing she did to get kicked out of her dimension.

After some time in MAB-3L, she met Mabel Pines (the main Mabel), who was trapped there as well. She befriended the main Mabel and they teamed up together to send a signal for the main Mabel's grunkles, Stan and Ford, in order to save them. Since the signal was under the Military Expert Mabel's watch, they distracted her in order to steal the signal so that Stan and Ford will notice it and go there.

After this, the main Mabel went to the outhouse, but then Anti-Mabel revealed her true colors and locked her inside in order to prevent her from escaping. The main Mabel asked her what kind of Mabel she is, to which Anti-Mabel said that she is the exact kind of Mabel that the main Mabel is not. Before leaving, she explains her evil plan to the main Mabel. She then fools Stan and Ford into thinking they rescued the main Mabel. However, Ford realized that something is not okay with her. This was proved right when Anti-Mabel trapped them in the airlock.

Meanwhile, the main Mabel teamed up with the other alternate versions of Mabel in order to stop Anti-Mabel. Using their grappling hook, the Mabels went up in order to defeat Anti-Mabel. During the fight, Military Expert Mabel is injured, but the main Mabel encourages her to stay strong. Meanwhile, Flame Mabel and Threebel freed Stan and Ford from their cells, much to Ford's delight, who then says that the math saved him, like in his dreams.

Then, Anti-Mabel traps the other Mabels who rescued Stan and Ford using Ford's stolen Alien Adhesive gun. However, the main Mabel, using her grappling hook, knocked off her gun. Enraged, Anti-Mabel threatens to knock the glitter off her, to which the main Mabel taunts her that she would like to see her trying. Anti-Mabel then distracts the main Mabel when she says "Look! A puppy", and when Mabel says "Where?", she punches her.

Anti-Mabel and the main Mabel continue to fight, but Stan and Ford can't know which Mabel is their real niece. As Ford thinks of a way to distinguish between them, the main Mabel manages to take off Anti-Mabel's sweater, revealing a shirt saying "I HATE CATS" underneath her sweater. Since the main Mabel likes cats very much, Stan and Ford immediately knew who is their real niece after Anti-Mabel was exposed.

Anti-Mabel is then trapped in the airlock, and while she pounds, she furiously says to the main Mabel that in every selfish choice the latter makes, that being just like her, to which the main Mabel says that this is for Military Mabel. Then, Anti-Mabel is launched into the vacuum of inter-dimensional space, never to be seen again.

It is unclear if she survived this or not, but it can be assumed that she is still floating in the vacuum of the Multiverse or trapped in MAB-3L forever.


Finally! A normal one! (Mabel: Oh, hey. Which Mabel are you?) They haven't given me a name yet, thank goodness. I don't know why they think everyone needs one.
~ Anti-Mabel's first words.
(Mabel: Sounds like you're Anti-Label Mabel!) No! I'm just a regular Mabel like you!
~ Anti-Mabel tells Mabel that she is a regular Mabel like the latter.
Listen, there's a way out of here, but I don't trust these other whack-jobs to work together with me. Some of these other Mabels seriously creep me out! (Stanbel: Hey! Stanbel is single and ready to mingle!) (*Both shrudder*) You've got friends searching for you, right? We need to send a signal to them. Military Expert Mabel has a flare gun, but she says it's for "Emergency Raves Only". You'll distract her, I'll steal it, and together we can get back to our home dimensions! (Mabel: I like the way you think, Mabel!) That's 'cause I think like you, Mabel! (Both: Eeeeeeehhhh!!)
~ Anti-Mabel convinces Mabel to team up with her.
(Military Expert Mabel: So there I was, surrounded by bodies. I won the war but I had lost my soul, and I was like..."WHAAAAT?!") (Mabel: Oh, totally. Totally. Been there! Ooh, gotta go. Mabel Biz) (Military Expert Mabel: Sir, yes sir!) (*Meanwhile, Anti-Mabel steals the gun from Military Expert Mabel*)
~ Anti-Mabel steals the gun from Military Expert Mabel, while Mabel distracts her.
(Both: I hope this works!) (Mabel: Jinx! Haha! You and me. What a pair we are) (*They fire the gun*)
~ Anti-Mabel and Mabel, before firing the gun to signal for Stan and Ford.
(Stan: There she is! Quick! Head towards that exploding child!) (*The ship heads toward Anti-Mabel and Mabel.They see it passing and they are happy*) We did it! (Mabel: Hahaa! Mabels for the win!) Gonna be a long trip back. Need a bathroom break? (Mabel: Good thinking, me! I am so considerate!)
~ Anti-Mabel and Mabel after they succeeded in firing the gun in order to signal for Stan and Ford.
(*Mabel enters the bathroom*) (Mabel: Be right baaaaaack!) (*Anti-Mabel locks Mabel inside*)
~ Anti-Mabel betrays Mabel.
(Mabel: Hey, wait! What are you doing?! Ford's here to rescue us!) Correction – He's here to rescue me! You're stuck here, idiot! (Mabel: What?!) You think I want to be trapped in this godforsaken MAB-hole listening to these nitwits talk about boys and glitter for all eternity?! I don't even like glitter!
~ Anti-Mabel reveals her true colors.
(Mabel: W-What kind of Mabel are you?!) The exact kind of Mabel you aren't. And considering how easy it would be for me to guess this, you'll probably never figure it out. (Mabel: You're... You're the exact opposite of me! You're... The Anti-Mabel!)
~ Anti-Mabel reveals what kind of Mabel she is.
Ding Ding Ding! I was chased out of my dimension for being the most evil Mabel in the multiverse! I have no home to return to! That's why I'm going to leave with your uncles and take over your life, and there's nothing you can do about it! (Mabel: Mabel, No!!) (*Anti-Mabel taunts Mabel*) Mabel, Yes!!
~ Anti-Mabel explaining her evil plan.
Hey, grunkles! Lol I love pigs and sweaters. Hurr hurr I'm a goofball wibble zibble! (Stan: That's her)
~ Anti-Mabel fools Stan and Ford.
Apologies, dearest uncle. I will not transgress your laws again. (Stan: Haha! "Transgress"! Classic Mabel!) (Ford: Psst! Stanley, something seems... off about Mabel) (Stan: Oh, here we go. You're just jealous that I was able to pick her out of a crowd and you weren't!) Great-Uncle Stanford, do you have any futuristic mega-weapons that I could bring home with me? For educational purposes? (Ford: Yes... Over there by the airlock)
~ Anti-Mabel with Stan and Ford.
(Ford: Don't move!) (Stan: Have you lost your mind?!) (*Anti-Mable steals Ford's Alien Adhesive gun, and then she traps them with the stolen gun*) (Ford: My Alien Adhesive!) I wanted to do this the easy way, guys. I really did. We were all going to go home as one happy family. (*She traps them in the airlock*) But I guess I'll have to tell Dipper you two were lost in space. Looking forward to my new dimension, by the way. Been hankering for a new civillization to overthrow. (Stan: Mabel, sweetie, I think maybe you've had too much sugar–) I'M NOT MABEL!
~ Anti-Mabel reveals to Stan and Ford her true colors and that she is not Mabel.
(Ford: Dang it, Stan! You got the wrong one!) (Stan: Oh, you are loving the chance to throw this in my face!) Sounds like you two need some space. Endless space! (*The ship trembles*) Wha? What is that?! (*An explosion sound is heard*)
~ Anti-Mabel is about to send Stan and Ford to the vaccum of the inter-dimensional space, before Mabel arrives to save them.
(Mabel: Looks like the Mabels have turned!) (Table Mabel: I don't get it) (Mabel: Now give me back my uncles!) You want 'em? Come and get 'em! This shooting star shoots back! (All Mabels: MABEL FIIIIIGHT!)
~ Anti-Mabel before fighting Mabel and the other Mabels.
(*Anti-Mabel traps the other Mabels*) (Table Mabel: I can't feel my legs!) Had enough? (*Mabel knocks the gun off her*) YOU! I'LL KNOCK THE GLITTER OUT OF YOU, YOU GIGGLING PUNCH LINE! (*Mabel taunts her*) (Mabel: I'd like to see you try) Look! A puppy! (Mabel: Where?) (*Anti-Mabel punches her*).
~ Anti-Mabel's final confrontation with Mabel, leading to the former's being in complete rage and to her villainous breakdown.
(Stan: What's going on?! Which one's the real Mabel?) (Ford: I can't tell! They're equally adorable!) (Mabel: Welcome to sweater town!) Hrkkkkk! Stan! Ford! She's the imposter! Take her out! (Mabel: She's lying! She's evil incarnate!) (Ford: Why does this always happen with doubles?! If there was only some way to tell them apart!) (*Mabel takes off Anti-Mabel's sweater, revealing a shirt saying "I HATE CATS" underneath her sweater and exposing her in the process*)
~ Anti-Mabel and Mabel's final fight before the former is exposed.
(*Anti-Mabel looks down in shock at her shirt, realizing that she is now exposed. She then looks at Stan, Ford and Mabel*) Wait... Wait... It's not what it looks like!
~ Anti-Mabel after being exposed by Mabel.
(*Stan and Ford, now realizing who is the real Mabel, trap Anti-Mabel inside the airlock*) You think you have defeated me, but I'm part of you! Every selfish choice you make, that's being just like me! What do you have to say to that?! (Mabel: This is for Military Mabel) (*Anti-Mabel is launched into the vacuum of inter-dimensional space, never to be seen again*)
~ Anti-Mabel's last words.



  • As Anti-Mabel is an alternate version of Mabel, it can be assumed that also she was born on August 31, 1999.
  • As the exact opposite of Mabel, if Mabel likes something, Anti-Mabel hates the mentioned thing.
    • Mabel likes cats; Anti-Mabel hates cats.
    • Mabel likes glitter; Anti-Mabel hates glitter.
    • Mabel likes boys; Anti-Mabel hates boys.
    • Mabel likes puppies; Anti-Mabel hates puppies.
  • Anti-Mabel is the only known version of Mabel Pines who is the exact opposite of her rather than being similar to her, as all the other Mabels are similar to Mabel.
  • She is the second villain from Gravity Falls to be a doppelgänger, the first being Dippy Fresh, who is the Mabeland version of Dipper Pines.


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