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Alone, I've conquered an entire universe and reduced trillions of planets to antimatter, feasting on each, one by one. But still, I hunger. These factories are scattered to the far reaches of your space. Once activated, an army of Manhunter slaves will aid me in my mission of destruction. You will merely be the first I consume.
~ The Anti-Monitor.

The Anti-Monitor is one of the main antagonists of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, specifically being the main antagonist of the second arc. He was a robot built by Krona to be a knowledge collector, but when he was activated, he thought that all life was inferior to him, so he attacked his creator Krona and nearly destroyed an entire alternate universe. Eventually he planned a universal destruction conquest with an army of Manhunters at his side but was defeated and eventually killed by the Green Lantern Corps and Aya.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny, who also voiced Starscream, Ice King, Chester, and Commander Peepers.



A long time ago on a planet named Maltus the Anti-Monitor was created by a rogue Guardian of the Universe named Krona, their reasoning was to create a being so powerful that it can do anything which includes time-travelling. However, this ended up backfiring when the Anti-Monitor saw himself to be superior and managed to break free of Krona's control. Krona was able to stop the Anti-Monitor by banishing him to another universe which the Anti-Monitor consumed so badly that barely anything was left. The Anti-Monitor many eons later was able to convince Nigel Fortenberry into opening a rift that allowed him to return.

The Series

The Anti-Monitor arrived on Biot there he demolished a spacecraft and used that to active an anti-matter pulse that allowed him to soar across the Galaxy which he used to awaken the many dormant Manhunter planets which he planned to use for his army. He created several factories to mass-produce the manhunters to begin his quest to destroy the entire universe no matter what he had to do to get it. He ordered his army of manhunters to destroy everything that they came across which is what they would begin doing. When the Green Lanterns destroyed his factory on Biot he revealed himself and told the four about his plans for the universe. He overpowered the four and blasted Hal Jordan through a portal.

The Anti-Monitor continued his quest to satiate his hunger destroying even more planets. During it, he came across the Malestron and started dissolving it where he encountered the Interceptor crew again. They tried to take him down but were no match for his insane strength. When Aya saved Razer from several Manhunters, the Anti-Monitor hit her with a ray of anti-matter which barely missed Razer. The Anti-Monitor attempted to finish off Razer but before he could Razer was saved by Hal and Kilowog. He was then confronted by guardian Scar who was seemingly vaporized.

The Anti-Monitor began decimating the Red Lantern and destroying their planet before moving on to destroy the Green Lantern capital Oa. However, after Razer who had survived told Aya that the ray he was hit by had shut down all emotion Aya, absorbed all of the energy from the Interceptor and blasted off the Anti-Monitor's head and stole his body, becoming the "Aya-Monitor".

The Anti-Monitor survived however through his consciousness. He took control of the planet Raynx. The Green Lanterns came to stop him so The Anti-Monitor tried to ally with "Aya-Monitor" but she refused and simply tore him apart seemingly ending the Anti-Monitor for good.


The Anti-Monitor’s characterized as a sadistic, cruel machine who will stop at nothing to end countless lives and destroy as many universes as he can.


  • Despite being the main antagonist of the final arc he is not the final antagonist, Aya is.

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