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All hail the anti-robot league!
~ Lorenzo Bravo
Less Technology! More nature!
~ Segundo Mehija

The Anti-Robot League is one of the main antagonistic factions (alongside MIAU) in Yo Soy Franky. Its a dangerous organization that wants to destroy every robot on the world.



The League was first mentioned by Sofia. It was first seen once Tamara went into their hideout. Segundo, the new principal, appeared as the leader. Tamara really wanted to join in but she couldn’t just live without her phone and she lost her chance for good.

Bringing Franky and Roby

Segundo orders Roby so he might bring Franky to his league, than he demands so Franky and Roby might join in, they agree. Next day Franky informs Chris and he also joins in.


Meeting 1

After Roby, Franky and Chris join in, they must go on meetings of the league. On the first meeting Chris comes with parts of an android that he destroyed. From then he is called; "The Android Destroyer".

New Leader

Soon, Segundo nominates Lorenzo the new leader of the anti-robot league.

Meeting 2

In school, Franky smells an toster that is on fire an kilometer away. She lies to Segundo and Lorenzo that she has superpowers. Lorenzo and Segundo decide to use her powers to hunt down androids. Lorenzo, Chris and Franky go hunting, but Franky only finds robot toys. Chris tells Lorenzo that sometimes if Franky uses her powers to much she gets tired. Later an EG letter comes to the address of the league. Lorenzo picks it and reads it. Then he sounds the alarm that nobody is getting out of the league until they don’t mask the android in there. But Chris tells an lie that maybe someone sent that so the league might fight against each other. Lorenzo believes him and the meeting is over.

The End Of the organization

After Lorenzo gets in the hands of the police, the anti-robot league falls apart.