The Anti-Spiral Race is a hive-minded race of beings whose collective consciousness forms the Anti-Spiral and the antagonists of the second half of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


The Anti-Spiral Race was once a Spiral race like many others until they discovered that the evolution of Spiral power would eventually trigger an event known as the Spiral Nemesis and bring about the destruction of the universe. To prevent this cataclysmic event from occurring, the Anti-Spirals sealed away their own Spiral power, thus causing them to lose their own individual identities and for their collective unconsciousness to take shape as the being known simply as the "Anti-Spiral".

The Anti-Spiral waged war against the other Spiral races of the universe in order to destroy them before they could trigger the Spiral Nemesis as well in what came to be known as the First Anti-Spiral War. The Anti-Spiral triumphed over the Spiral forces and won the war, heavily culling the populations of the Spiral races and setting up Extermination Systems over their planets to eradicate their populations if they ever exceeded a certain threshold.

However, after the human population of Earth exceeded one million and the Human Extermination System was triggered, sending waves of Mugann to the planet, a resistance arose against the Anti-Spirals in the form of a Team Dai-Gurren. Team Dai-Gurren took the fight to the Anti-Spiral in its home dimension, fighting off waves of Ashtanga before confronting the Anti-Spiral King himself. As Dai-Gurren formed Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the Anti-Spiral summoned the Granzeboma to take them on. Ultimately, the Anti-Spiral was destroyed and the universe was liberated from its oppressive grasp.


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