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The Anti-Virus Bots are the secondary antagonists of Sony Pictures Animation's 18th critically-panned feature film The Emoji Movie. They are Smiler's minions, who were instructed by her to find Gene and his friends and eliminate them.


After Smiler told Gene that he was a malfunction, she brought forth her Anti-Virus bots, and told them to delete Gene, causing him to flee. The bots chase after Gene until he was rescued by Hi-5 by escaping to the Loser Lounge.

Thanks to an Anti-Virus bot, Smiler saw Mel and Mary Meh (Gene's parents) make their way out of Textopolis in order to look for Gene. This caused her to discover that Gene left Textopolis, leading her to download an illegal upgrade and send more Anti-Virus Bots in an attempt to delete him.

The bots soon chase Gene, Hi-5 and Jailbreak through the Just Dance app, revealing that they can dance as well. Alex deletes the app after causing a disturbance in class. The three are able to escape, but one of the Anti-Virus bots grabs Hi-5 and they fall down into the Trash Bin.


They were later defeated when Hi-5 takes out there batteries.


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