The Anti Black Coat

The Anti Black Coat

The Anti Black Coat is a minor villain in the video game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is a Nightmare Dream Eater that is a physical manifestation of the nightmare that Sora experiences while trapped in sleep.


Anti Black Coat wears a coat that greatly resembles an Organization XIII outfit, with the exception of the purple markings on the ends of it's sleeves and lower portion. Its Nightmare sigil is visible on the back, though it is not always visible. Its face isn't visible and all that's seen are glowing red eyes. It wields a red and black Ethereal Blade reminiscent of Riku's Soul Eater.


When Sora fell into a deep sleep, Riku tries to wake Sora from his nightmare. But while he was attempting to wake Sora, the Anti Black Coat appears and attacks Riku. Riku accuses it of causing Sora's nightmare, and they engage in battle. Riku emerges victorious and the Anti Black Coat vanishes.



  • It is possible that the Anti Black Coat is Riku's Nightmare counterpart, since its Nightmare sigil emerges in reaction to Riku's Spirit sigil.


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The Anti Black Coat
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