Antlar is an insect-like kaiju and an antagonist that has appeared several times in the Ultraman franchise.



While the SSSP was investigating a meteor shower, Antlar ambushed them. They attempted to fend off the monster, but Antlar proved immune to their weapons and the SSSP was forced to retreat.

The SSSP later came across an ancient civilization called the "Baraji" that worshipped Ultraman and was being terrorized by Antlar. Ultraman attempted to fight off the monster, but was unable to defeat it due to its impenetrable exoskeleton. It was finally killed when the Princess of the Baraji gave the SSSP the stone of the Baraji and had them throw it at Antlar, destroying the insectoid kaiju.

Ultraman Max

Antlar reappears in episode 11 of Ultraman Max to punish humanity for the pollution it has caused by attacking Tokyo. Ultraman Max attempted to fight it off but Antlar gained an advantage over max with its magnetic ray. However, DASH, having previously discovered that the stone of Baraji was Antlar's weakness, used the stone to weaken Antlar, allowing Ultraman Max to finish it off.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Antlar appears in episode 4 as a servant of Alien Babarue, who sent him to attack ZAP SPACY. He was fought off by Reimon's Gomora, who tore off Antlar's pincers, causing Antlar and Babarue to retreat. It can be assumed they were destroyed when Alien Rayblood destroyed Planet Hammer.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Antlar appeared as a member of the Belial Army. He attempted to take on the original Ultraman alongside Alien Baltan, Gomess, King Guesra, Gudon, Arigera, Twin Tail, Goldras, Magular, Silvergon and Zetton with his Ultra-Attack Ray.

Ultraman Ginga

It appeared in episode 7 as one of the many monsters cheering on Ultraman Ginga as he fought Dark Galberos.

Antlar later appeared in episode 9 when Tomomi Kuroki was Darklived into one. He was later defeated by Ultraman Ginga and turned back into a Spark Doll.

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