The Antlion is a minor villain in the videogame Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is an Emblem Heartless that resides in Agrabah.


Though not seen, the Antlion was mentioned by Saïx when he was planing to send Xion to deal with the Emblem Heartless, while Roxas was sent to slay a Bully Dog at the Beast's Castle. Axel was then later sent to "keep it out of trouble", falling on his behind running after the Heartless. 

Later on, Roxas was sent to eliminate an unidentified giant Heartless that has surfaced in the desert of Agrabah and was the possible source of Agrabah's mysterious sandstorms. When he arrives at Agrabah, he eventually encountered the Emblem Heartless, Antlion. Roxas confronted the Heartless, and was able to defeat the Heartless in no time.


The Antlion is able to create waves of sand, as well as firing a massive laser beam from its mouth. It can also spit out explosive cubes.

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