The Antlion Nezire is a monstrous antlion Nezire Beast appearing in the 22nd episode of Denji Sentai Megaranger.

He is voiced by Takashi Nagasako who previously voiced Inventor Grotch and later voiced Kairikibou, Garubaria, Energy Thief Uugo, Gomubi-Ron, Algolian Baurbon, Maga, an Incinerator Banki, Rokuroneri, Tomarezu of the Tsuchinoko, Shieldon, a Shovelloid, Debo Royaroya, an Advanced Yokai Oumukade and Gabatt Kababacci.


The Antlion Nezire was used to create pocket dimensions to throw the world into chaos using a staff powered by a special crystal to do it.

However due to Miku and Shun taking the crystal, he chased them in a cat-and-mouse game to get it back, unaware they were Megarangers (since they couldn't transform due to the pocket dimensions interfering with their ability to receive transmissions from INET to their Digitizers). Despite getting the crystal back, once the two got back to the other Megarangers, they destroyed the staff, restoring the two's ability to transform.

As a giant, he could make holes in the ground that would trap victims who fell into them, an ability demonstrated against Galaxy Mega. When the Delta Mega was called to save Galaxy Mega from said trap, it fused with Galaxy Mega to form Super Galaxy Mega, which destroyed him with the Super Galaxy Knuckle attack.

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