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I am Antoine! I am THE KING OF CUISINE!
~ Antoine after being criticized by Chuck Greene.

Antoine Thomas also known as Chef Antoine or King Of The Cuisine is one of the bosses or psychopaths featured in the 2010 video game Dead Rising 2 and its remake Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. He is also an optional boss in the main mode 72 Hours, which you can meet for the first time on the 1st day at 22:30 in the Food Court in his Cucina Donnacci restaurant in the side quest Tastes Like Chicken. He is a world-renowned chef at the Italian restaurant Cucina Donnacci and the owner of Antoine's kitchen utensil store in the Royal Flush Plaza, who calls himself the King Of The Cuisine. Right before the outbreak, Antoine was expecting a visit from a food critic, but the zombie outbreak shatters his chance of even greater fame. Because of this, Antoine went insane and began kidnapping other survivors to make a perfect dish out of their body parts, believing that the food critic was still on the way. He is voiced by Scott McNeil.


Just before the events of the game, Antoine was expecting a visit from a food critic whose review would bring the chance for even greater fame. Unfortunately, the zombie outbreak wiped out his chances of success, which made Antoine insane, and due to his delusions, Antoine believed that the critic was still on the way, so he kidnapped the survivors and prepared various dishes from their body parts to prepare the perfect dish and stand out from the crowd of his rivals.

Two bartenders, Cinda Smith and Jasper Sanford, of the Shoal Nightclub, hid inside the Food Court on scaffolding above restaurants. Unfortunately, their supplies began to shrink drastically, and Cinda decided to go to the Cucina Donnacci restaurant to look for something to eat. Unfortunately, she had no idea that the crazy Antoine was working in this restaurant and was preparing his dishes. Antoine kidnapped Cinda and locked her in the freezer of the restaurant, telling her that she would be a fantastic and very fresh dish.

On September 25 at 22:30 Stacey calls Chuck telling him that she has noticed someone cooking at the Cucina Donnacci Italian Restaurant in Food Court and he would have better checked it out. Chuck Greene heads to the Food Court, however, before entering the restaurant, Chuck spots Jasper calling for help from the scaffolding. Chuck gets into his position and Jasper tells him that he is looking for his friend who walked into the Cucina Donnacci restaurant for supplies and never came back. Chuck takes him with him to look for Cinda. Inside the restaurant, Chuck spots Chef Antoine preparing a dish on the counter in the kitchen area. Antoine turns and is surprised to see Chuck, thinking he is the food critic he had expected, but he quickly introduces himself and adds that he was expecting him. Antoine adds that his visit is a bit delayed, but quickly changes the subject by offering him his latest dish. Before Chuck has a chance to "taste" his creations, Antoine says the dish is missing a few spices. Antoine goes to the freezer and Chuck notices Cinda he is looking for inside it. Antoine tells Chuck that he and his readers will definitely rate the dish four stars, and a surprised Chuck asks him what he is talking about. Upon hearing the answer, an angry Antoine says that he was waiting for him and Chuck replies that no one would eat his dish, which was made of human flesh. This enrages Antoine, who, unable to accept the criticism, picks up the knife and tells Chuck that he is going to cook him dinner and attacks him.

After the fight, the defeated Antoine falls straight to the kitchen counter and starts to walk slowly away from Chuck with his hands on the counter. One of his hands, however, slips and he lands straight into the fryer, dying in a very painful death. After killing Antoine, Chuck unties Cinda and brings Jasper to her, then takes them both to the bunker to see the other survivors.




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