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Villain Overview

I am part of its seething, putrid fabric. Here, I am a God!
~ Anton Arcane

Anton Arcane is an antagonist in the DC Comics universe, appearing primarily as the arch-enemy of Swamp Thing being the main villain in the titular series.


Anton Arcane is an old mad scientist obsessed with finding the power of immortality. He is able to mutate his henchmen into monsters known as the Un-Men in a manner similar to Frankenstein. He originally did this to his dead brother Gregori and made him Patchwork Man, his first Un-man. When the new plant hero Swamp Thing came he wanted nothing more than to capture him and to use his body for his research however he always fails. He is also the uncle of Abby Holland.

He also appears in the Swamp Thing: The Animated Series. Like in the comics he and his Un-men constantly try different plots to capture Swamp Thing and use him. In this show he is voiced by Don Franks. He later appears in the Swamp Thing movie and in the sequel The Return of Swamp Thing. In both movies he is played by Louis Jordan.

Powers And Abilities

Anton Arcane despite having a dark mind, also possesses a dangerously sharp intellect. In his younger earlier days he was an accomplished surgeon as well as possessing dark knowledge of sorcery, often attempting to combine the two for his goal of tissue reanimation, necromancy and eventually his own immortality. Over time his knowledge of sorcery would grow deeper increasing his capacity for evil and effectiveness with his goals. His experiments have lead to the creation of the Un-Men, synthetic mindless men reanimated and recreated from death by Anton, as well as Patchwork Man, who is Anton's own brother resurrected from the sorcerers burgeoning mystical abilities. After his death Anton would be resurrected numerous times, in different manners. On one occasion as a large feral creature and another via possession. Anton would eventually become a demon, his size, durability and power increasing significantly. In most recent stories Anton has become the Avatar of the Rot.

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