Anton Addicted to Love

Anton Depeux

Anton Depeux is the male antagonist of the 1997 comedy film, Addicted To Love.

He was portrayed by Tcheky Karyo.

Character History

Anton Depeux is first introduced when his new girlfriend, Linda Green, dumps her old boyfriend, an astronomer named Sam (or the Milky Way Man) for him. Sam moves into the abandoned factory across from their apartment building, where he sets up a video camera, so he can watch them and wait for Linda to leave Anton.

After a few days, Sam is joined by Maggie, Anton's tomboyish ex-fiancee, who want revenge against him; it's later revealed to Anton, who is apparently an French illegal immigrant who was meerly using her to gain a Visa so he could stay in New York. Sam and Maggie join forces to ruin Anton's reputation and to make Linda leave him.

First, Maggie steals Anton's Gold Card, knowing he uses only his Platinum Card, and begins using it to buy expensive stuff.

Later, they decide to make to look like Anton is having an affair. They start with Maggie putting lipstick on a street performer's monkey, which then attacks Anton, putting lipstick on his collar, and Sam filling the squirt guns of little children with an expensive perfume he used to give Linda. When these method's fail, they sneak into their apartment, where Maggie hides her panties in the couch.

Soon after, Sam and Maggie unleash a swarm of cockroaches into Anton's restaurant while a food critic is visiting, and the restaurant in subsequently closed. Not long after this, Linda finds Maggie's panties and leaves Anton. His stuff is then reposessed after he recieves his Gold Card bill.

In the end, Anton and Linda make up, and Sam and Maggie get together.

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