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Anton Pretorius was an enemy of the Black Panther.


Anton was born in South Africa and grew up as a racist, but first met Ramonda after she was imprisoned for participating in a protest. He returned every day to see her and freed her when he gave in to his obsession with this black woman. He then made her disappear via paperwork/bureaucracy and brought her to his mansion were he kept Ramonda hidden from the public circles. 

Anton Pretorius sent out his gang of mercenaries led by Elmer Gore to kill Patrick Slade and Black Panther at their meeting.

Anton Pretorius met with Percy Boraine after other foreigners who wanted to interfere in South African affairs through sanctions and other punishments). In the evening Pretorius introduced Doeke Riebeeck to the public as the man in contact with the troops. He talked about further attacks of the Black Panther against law and order and stated that he was the son of T'Chaka. He wanted everyone to report sightings of the Black Panther to local police or Security Forces and assured everyone that the bloodshed of the Panther would soon be stopped if they all worked together.

Anton Pretorius and Doeke Riebeeck once again told him that the Panther could be killed if they had to do so. Pretorius asked Van der Merwe if he didn't want to kept contact with Doeke Riebeeck over walkie-talkie. He was informed about the involvement of Black Panther in the riot the night before in the Black Township of Pretoria. He wanted to stay informed about their search for the Panther.

Pretorius returned to her room and was in a panic because he couldn't contact Gore anymore and servants told him about madness outside. He met Black Panther for the first time. The Panther carried him to the Ramonda's shackles and she threw them in his face. He told Ramonda that he loved her and asked her to stay with him. She punched him in the face and left with Black Panther. Anton Pretorius stood up on his balcony and was now alone.