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Anton Satan

Anton Satan is a demonic entity from Marvel comics and a recent enemy of Ghost Rider, first appearing in 2009 - he goes by several names such as Kid Blackheart, Lord Blackheart, Blackheart Junior and the Antichrist.. as can be guessed by his names he is an extension of the existing Blackheart lore and a creature designed by madmen to fulfil the Biblical role of the Antichrist (a Satanic figure destined to destroy the world).


Anton Satan was the result of a twisted campaign by several Satanists to provide the titular Satan with a son and bring forth the Antichrist - this was known as the Blackheart Project and was in effective a Satanic eugenics-style mating experiment in which they bred the worst of humanity over and over in order to ultimately create a being of pure evil : within "Kid Blackheart" is the genes of countless rapists, murderers and cannibals, as well as other criminal elements of society.. making him the "perfect" vessel for the Antichrist itself.


Anton Satan has incredible, demonic power - being the Antichrist incarnate, yet he is not powerful enough to survive a full-on battle with Ghost Rider: it is likely that Anton was only vulnerable because of his young age and had Anton grown older he would likely of gained powers on a par with the original Blackheart.

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