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Zauberminister Anton Vogel was a supporting antagonist in the 2022 film The Secrets of Dumbledore.

He is portrayed by German actor Oliver Masucci.



Vogel was a successful German politician, who served both as the Minister for Magic (or Zauberminister) for his own country, Germany, and as the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards. By 1932 his term as Supreme Mugwump was ending, with two new candidates, Vicência Santos of Brazil and Liu Tao of Chine, being the most popular candidates to replace him.

Unknown to the public, Vogel and most of his regime had also secretly joined the cause of Gellert Grindelwald by this time, and started to conspire to have him elected as the Supreme Mugwump in order to start a war with the muggles.

Pardoning and assisting Grindelwald

In a meeting prior to the election of the next Supreme Mugwump for the International Confederation of Wizards, Vogel was approached by Newt Scamander, under the request of Dumbledore, tried to to beg the minister to chose the right way instead of the easy. Vogel dismissed Newt and his message, referring to Dumbledore who would not leave his school when the world was burning. After this the minister stated in front of several diplomats that there was no evidence of Grindelwald's earlier supposed crimes and was thus pardoned.

Both Santos and Liu were disgusted when they also found out that Grindelwald would also run for the office of the Supreme Mugwump, but Vogel stated that they should allow him to run, and let the people choose.

Grindelwald was later seen at Nurmengard Castle alongside Vinda Rosier and witnessed Grindelwald revive a qilin, the magical creature which would choose the leader of the Supreme Mugwump, with necromancy. Grindelwald would then hand the creature over to Vogel, who would present the qilin as a real, living one that would choose him as the leader.

Election of the Supreme Mugwump

Vogel, alongside Santos, Liu and many other representatives, would gather at the Eyrie of Bhutan, where the qilin would choose the next Supreme Mugwump. The minister presented himself as impartial and fair presenter of the election, with his speech being broadcasted at the headquarters of the Magical governments around the world, despite the truth that he and his government already supporting Grindelwald.

Vogel had secretly also placed several dozen German aurors, led by Helmut, around Eyrie, who alongside Grindelwald's followers, were supposed to capture Dumbledore's team that was trying to sneak a living qilin to the election ceremony. Despite the efforts of the aurors and his personal assistant, Henrietta Fischer, the living qilin was brought to the ceremony. Vogel tried to save the situation by showing Grindelwald's qilin, claiming it was a real one, but lost support as the facade broke down and the dead creature was revealed.

Vogel's later fate is unknown.




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