Antonia Gavilán, also known as Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, was a powerful witch of the 17th Century in the TV series "True Blood". She takes possession of Marnie Stonebrook, causing them to serve as the main antagonist of Season 4. However, Marnie reveals that she has always had control over her actions and Antonia leaves her body, after sensing the evil blossoming in her.


At some point during her life, Antonia was burned at stake and killed by vampires, who had infiltrated and manipulated the Catholic Church. Before her persecution, Antonia and her coven were abused, raped, and tormented by Don Santiago and Luis Patiño. Fueled with the hatred of vampires, Antonia sought revenge by casting a powerful spell that would summon all vampires within a twenty-mile radius to expose themselves to the sunlight.

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