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Maffei in the Assassin's Creed: Lineage short film.

Away with you, demon!
~ Antonio Maffei's last words.

Antonio Maffei (1450-1479) is an antagonist from the videogame Assassin's Creed II. He was one of the monks working for Lorenzo de' Medici, and he was supervised by Uberto Alberti. He was secretly a Templar, and part of the Pazzi conspiracy.

Maffei is a minor antagonist in Sequence 4 "Pazzi Conspiracy" and one of the main antagonists of Sequence 5 "Loose Ends".

He was voiced by Shawn Baichoo.


Antonio Maffei blamed the Medici family for the Sacking of Volterra, his birthplace, which was done by Florentine mercenaries. He met in a secret chamber underneath the Santa Maria Novella with the other conspirators.

Antonio Maffei showed up the next day during the assassination attempt against the Medici family, attempting to stab Lorenzo, but he merely slashed his neck. After the death of Francesco de' Pazzi, he and the other conspirators fled to Tuscany. He eventually went insane, standing atop the tallest tower in Tuscany, mumbling to himself. Ezio assassinated Antonio, but he did not get any answers out of him.

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